Predictable Chinese cooking at Jia He

NOT every restaurant can be a star. We get that. Just as an army has its generals and elite commandos, it also needs its foot soldiers. Jia He is a foot soldier in the restaurant world. It hasn't got the kind of firepower that ignites your tastebuds or sets your Instagram handle alight with...

Reunion Dinners from the heart

“In Hong Kong, my family’s reunion dinners were always prepared by my mother. The food was simple, but made with love. Some of her specialties include fried glutinous rice with preserved meat, roast duck, pen cai, steamed fish and boiled chicken. 

Gin And Laksa

Local food has been paired with everything from beer to wine and even whisky, but now's a chance to see just how well chicken rice, laksa and Peranakan otak-otak can match with locally-made gin.

Lady In Red

Chris de Burgh didn't just craft an ode to love or a painful ear worm with his all-time hit song.

Aman Niseko

The Aman name is set to be a fixture in Japan, adding its fourth property in every Singaporean’s favourite winter destination.

Art On The High Seas

Floating casinos, celebrity chef restaurants, Broadway-style entertainment - been there, done that.


A local spin on Italian food at Caffe Cicheti

JUST as there is more than one way to skin a (insert politically correct, species-neutral term that will not invoke wrath of sensitive pet owners, rightful idioms be damned) cushion - there are also many ways to make that old Italian standby, spaghetti vongole.

Catch Of The Day

Support the locavore movement at The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s Clifford Pier restaurant when it ties up with homegrown fish farm and supplier Ah Hua Kelong.


Butcher's Block makes the cut

NOTHING says "Vegans, don't come in here" like a big glass cage of meat. Some hang garlic to ward off vampires, others dangle prized cuts of dry-aging beef like a talisman against any lurking plant-based burger hoping to score a few more converts with its pretend pattie.

Here's The Beef

He’s back. In a clear case of active aging, veteran Swiss-born chef Otto Weibel is in the thick of the restaurant action again with the opening of Black Marble - a steak and grill concept at the new Raffles Holland V shopping mall.

Under The Witcher's Spell

If you feel left out because you never watched Game of Thrones, forge ahead with The Witcher which has enough gore, nudity and fantasy to keep you entertained, despite its generally bad reviews.

Dining Out in 2020

AS YOU WIPE off the last crumbs of mince pie or log cake and take your last sniff of a dying Christmas tree now emitting wafts of rancid pine, thoughts turn to, what else, food.


Social Place's quirky Chinese food passes the taste test

CHRISTMAS is over but if you're still hankering for some revelry and good cheer, look no further than Social Place, whose very name dictates that you leave your inner Grinch at the door.

Savour Saigon

Go deep into Vietnamese cuisine beyond pho and banh mi at The Reverie Saigon, which has teamed up with the tour company Hidden Saigon to take guests on a culinary journey of Ho Chi Minh city - from street stalls to markets, family-run restaurants to fine dining eateries.

Countdown 2020

Where did the year go? Mull on that as you watch the fireworks explode over Marina Bay as 2019 fizzles away into 2020.

A World of Christmas Feasts

“Some of my all-time favourite Christmas dishes are Feng and Eurasian Christmas Pie. Feng is a dry curry made up of nearly every part of the pig’s innards, finely chopped and slow-cooked in a blend of 15 aromatic spices - a backbreaking process but entirely worth it. It has a special place in my...

Gourmet Art



Savour Japanese-style Italian fare


Last Minute Feast

If you’re panicking because you have nothing planned for your Christmas Eve dinner, it’s still not too late as Dec 20 is the last day to put in an order for Cold Storage’s range of roasts, seafood, wines and more – menus are all planned and prepared for you so you don’t have to do anything...

A Taste of Christmas

IF THERE'S ONE Christmas gift that's going to be in the stockings of chefs and other avid cooking enthusiasts this year, it's likely to be a Thermapen.

Interview - Eugene Wong, Founder and MD, Sirius Venture Capital

IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT future, Eugene Wong envisions Singaporeans eating nasi lemak with crispy deep-fried grasshoppers instead of ikan bilis.


Flexi-Mediterranean cooking appeals at Pistachio Grill

WE'RE a little late in the game with Pistachio - a popular Middle Eastern eatery in the distinctly un-Arabic Zongshan Mall that we had never been to. Until now, after its move to the more cosmopolitan surroundings of Wheelock Place.

Gourmet Weekend

Always fascinated by ikejime - the Japanese method of euthanizing fish without pain and hence, keeping the quality at an optimum level?

Festive Spread

Get into the feasting mood at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, which boasts a dining lineup so long it might be better to just check in over the Christmas break so you don’t miss anything.