Birthday Party

It’s The Naked Finn’s birthday party but the presents are all yours as it puts together a series of fun-filled dining events at its Gillman Barracks premises on Dec 8.

A Locavore Christmas

IF YOU'RE PLANNING your Christmas dinner and visions of turkey, ham and roast beef are dancing in your head, go ahead - there's really no reason to deprive yourself in the name of sustainability just because it's the trendy buzzword now.


Tung Lok plates up a taste of sustainability

THE fate of TASTE by Tunglok, it seems, rests on a chicken.

La Dolce Vita

One leaves and another takes its place.

Clean Eating

Long  before sustainable farming became a thing, a noble English lady in Staffordshire, UK, launched her own line of organic food and made it one of the most well-known names in the country.

Luke Bailes

LUKE BAILES MUST have the best job in the world. As the founder of ultra-luxury safari lodge operator Singita, he owns 15 exclusive properties from South Africa to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and his latest in Rwanda - where his super wealthy guests get up close and personal with gorillas in their...

Head Start

You can never be too early for anything, and going by the logic of the Singapore Grand Prix, it’s time to plan for next year’s Formula 1, right now.

Journey to Japan - A collaboration with Singapore Airlines

A RIVER literally runs through Ginzan Onsen – one of those achingly charming historic villages that easily lulls you into your private Spirited Away fantasy. At least until a babbling cacophony of  antonese-spouting tourists bursts your bubble. 


An instinctive approach to Italian cuisine

YOU'VE heard of animals which eat their own young. Then you have Beppe De Vito, who kind of swallows his own restaurants.

Eco Concept

Merci Marcel started out as a cosy French bakery cafe in Tiong Bahru and has since grown enough to open a full-fledged restaurant in Orchard Road, with its spacious, plant-littered new premises at Palais Renaissance.

Food from the heart at Kin

HE's back. It's funny how we always seem to be saying that about Damian D'Silva's culinary career. He's back. Oh wait, he left. No, he's making a comeback.

Wine And Dine

Still think wine doesn’t go with Asian food? Australian winemaker Wolf Blass aims to convince with a new campaign that sees Michelin-starred Asian chefs creating sauces specifically to match with their wines.

Museum Replica


Grand Shanghai gets a facelift

AGE is such a relative thing. When you're 20, you're in the prime of your youth. In dog years, you're long overdue at the kennel in the sky. In restaurant years, you're dancing in has-been territory, duking it out with younger, nimbler players for a share of the fickle, trend-fixated crowd we...

Window To The Past

The old-school photo studio that barely exists anymore once proliferated in the 1890s in the Stamford Road vicinity, where Chinese photographers built up a thriving business taking photos for people in the days before the iPhone and idiot-proof cameras.

Recycled Luxury

Swiss sustainable fashion label SOTTES makes its Singapore debut in a shop-in-shop concept in Surrender’s flagship store which showcases its whimsical but rebellious designs made from recycled material in a zero-waste environment.

Original Treats

Origin+Bloom looks like a casual takeaway cake and sandwich shop in Marina Bay Sands, but the chilled display houses an array of Michelin starworthy treats.

New Wave Korean Cuisine

AS THE WORLD becomes smaller and the likes of Michelin and 50Best continue to widen their reach, Seoul is fast gaining steam as a dining destination to watch. 

Monday Meal Deals

Chase away the Monday blues with a special meal deal at Indigo Blue Kitchen which now opens its doors on the first day of the work week.


A VUE to a grill

WHEN you're stuck in a rut, what you need is a change of view. A new name. A fresh perspective.