The winner from Trump's Iran sanctions? Saudi Arabia

SAUDI Arabia is set to do very nicely from President Donald Trump's tougher oil sanctions on Iran.


Opec and the Fed are in the same uncertain boat

WHAT do Opec and the Federal Reserve have in common, other than being on the receiving end of angry tweets from President Donald Trump?


Algerian crisis adds one more uncertainty to oil markets

MEET the exclusive group of oil producers that nobody wants to join.


The Opec+ oil deal is standing on one wobbly leg

I KNOW a little bit about standing on one leg; my daughter has encouraged me to learn to water ski. It's not easy at my age, in England, in winter....


How Trump is wreaking havoc with Opec policy

IF timing is everything, why does Opec seem to keep getting it so wrong? The group's 2019 oil output cuts got off to a flying start in January and they're going to get bigger, just as US sanctions on Venezuela start to bite....


How Opec helped transform US into net exporter of oil

THE US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has published its first detailed monthly oil forecast for 2020 and it shows something that should strike fear into the hearts of Opec ministers - from the fourth quarter, America will export more oil than it imports.


Get ready for angry Trump tweets as Saudi Arabia slashes oil output

THE list of things that US President Donald Trump criticises in his tweets varies from one day to the next. He may soon have to direct his ire to oil prices and the actions of his ally, Saudi Arabia, once again.


Oil weighed down by slowing growth, doubts about cartel

IT WASN'T meant to be like this. Not only are oil prices down nearly 40 per cent since early October, they are below where they were when the Opec+ group of producers began their first round of output cuts in January 2017....


Oil price now controlled by just three men

OPEC has lost what control of the oil market it ever had. The actions (or tweets) of three men - presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman - will determine the course of oil prices in 2019 and beyond. But of course they each want different things.


Opec, like a dying star, is about to go supernova

THE Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) is dying. US President Donald Trump will probably rejoice. But he may not like what takes its place any better.