The end of Opec is here

OPEC may not survive to celebrate its own 60th birthday later this year. Saudi Arabia's decision to abandon output restraint and flood the market with cheap crude signals the end for a group dubbed the world's most successful cartel.


Peak Permian is approaching faster than you think

THE heart of America's oil renaissance is found in the Permian basin, which is showing signs of maturing fast. And for shale basins, that's not a good thing. If the rich petroleum region wanes, US oil independence will remain elusive and the Opec cartel may finally see off its greatest threat....


Will oil become a weapon of choice for Iran?

EVENTS in 2019 served as a reminder for just how vulnerable the world's oil supply is, and Iran was usually blamed as the culprit for attacks on ships, pipelines and processing plants in the Middle East. But the knock-on effects blew over quickly in a world that appeared oblivious to the...


The world's oil security blanket has been torched

THE real impact of the attack on Saudi oil installations last weekend goes well beyond the temporary loss of 5 per cent of global oil production: It strikes at the heart of the mechanism that has guaranteed the security of the world's crude supply for most of the past 50 years.