Building the business case to fight climate change

THE recent US$2 billion commitment by Singapore to drive sustainability, particularly green finance, could not have been made at a more critical time. It came at the heels of an unprecedented warning by 11,258 scientists across 153 countries that our planet faces a climate emergency.

A primer for corporate leaders in the age of reporting and standards

BOARD directors are probably facing a crunch time now for governance and sustainability.


SGTI 2019: progress made thus far commendable

THE Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) 2019 is the first assessment of listed companies to be released since the launch of the revised Code of Corporate Governance in August 2018.


Is Huawei's rise due to its corporate governance style?

NEVER mind the new foldable Huawei Mate X; the ongoing Huawei corporate debacle is an unfolding saga that has taken the world by storm. It is a storybook thriller on the quest for technology supremacy coupled with charges of espionage and theft, and even more, intertwined with geopolitics and...