Hedging against economic uncertainties

AMID uncertain economic conditions arising from global tensions, the prices of private residential properties in Singapore have remained resilient. 


Opportunities abound in London's private residential market

IN May 2019, prime central London prices fell 0.3 per cent amid continued Brexit uncertainty. While the ongoing ambiguity may be daunting, the higher risks may present opportunities to obtain prime real estate in Central London, for investors with the longer investment horizon in mind.

Sentosa Cove: Is a rebound in prices on the horizon?

WITH the Draft Master Plan 2019 outlining plans for the Greater Southern Waterfront and the recent announcement to further develop the Integrated Resorts, is a rebound in prices on the horizon for the private homes in Sentosa?


It's all about the timing

Over-commitment to private residential properties can become a liability

Things to look out for when buying a home

BUYING a home is a multi-faceted decision. Not only does it satisfy the physical need of having a roof over your head, it is also often an emotional decision - and imagine adding the element of investment into the mix!

Mass-personalisation and collaboration leading the way for retailers

LAST December, SK-II's revolutionary smart store concept landed in Singapore as part of the brand's move to create unique and personalised consumer-led experiences for their consumers....

Online property auctions: a new norm for transactions?

THE e-commerce market in Singapore is growing fast. According to Statista Portal, Singapore's e-commerce revenue will total US$3.74 billion by end-2018, and with an expected annual growth rate of 10.1 per cent, is likely to result in a market volume of US$5.5 billion by 2022. To date,...


Private residential market still holds appeal

The private real estate sector has held firm and is deemed a safe asset amid global uncertainities


Strategies to maximise real estate value

The role of asset managers is set to expand in difficulty and importance as new uses come into play

Two-bedroom units expected to remain popular among buyers

OWNING a private home - the alluring Singaporean Dream for many locals. However, the dream appeared to be fading into the distance, when prices ascended at a rapid pace from 2008 to 2013.