Populism is now going mainstream

PUNDITS have been speculating recently that the political momentum of the populist insurgencies that we have witnessed in recent years may be slowing down and predict that voters in Western countries would eventually gravitate back to the political centre.

Trump authors art of no-deal in Washington

ONE of the advantages of joining the gig economy and working from my apartment has been having the gym in the building almost all to myself during the morning and early-afternoon hours.

Interpreting Trump's chaotic foreign policy

MOST observers of US foreign policy-making recognise that a decision made by the White House to, say, impose sanctions on a certain government or to deploy troops to another country is an outcome of a long and exhausting process, involving many players in Washington, including the president's...

Sunny Nancy vs grumpy Donald

DO you remember US President Donald Trump's dark and depressing inaugural address, and its angry and polarising Us versus Them message, suggesting that for "too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost...

Democratic primaries promise prime-time TV

ADMIT it! You miss that exhilarating media event that seemed to have given a certain meaning to your dull life, that provided you with original insights into politics, economics and foreign policy, a show that brought together the best and the brightest in American public life, and most important,...

The US's complicated Middle East policy mix

WHEN his fans claim, and his detractors sometimes agree, that US President Donald Trump is "authentic" and that he "says what everyone thinks", they usually have in mind your standard Archie Bunker applauding The Donald's most recent violation of a political correctness...

Washington is a stage, Trump is the producer

IT has been said once that Washington, DC, was like Hollywood for ugly people. But some would counter that is not the case anymore, and that in the age of 24/7 media coverage, politicians have no choice but at least try to look good when sometimes millions of viewers watch them live on television.

China is not US' 'new global enemy'

JUST a few days after US President Donald Trump agreed to a shaky trade truce with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Argentina, the US Justice Department requested last week that the Canadian government arrest Huawei Technologies chief financial officer Meng Wenzhou in Vancouver, and...

Trump, threats and trade terrorism

A TERRORIST threatened to detonate the suicide belt that was strapped to his body and to kill hundreds of people he has taken as hostages and who were being trapped in a building unless the government agreed to release 50 of his comrades from jail.

How Democrats can win the next election

FOLLOWING this week's announcement by General Motors that it was planning to cease production in seven plants worldwide, including four factories in the United States, and lay off thousands of workers, Democratic critics have tried to lay the blame at the feet of President Donald Trump...

It's time for a new act, Mr Trump

DERIVED from a word in the Yiddish language, a shtick has become part of the jargon of American show business. It refers to an act, such as an adopted persona, that a comedian repeatedly uses in his or her routine.

Bipartisanship a forgotten phrase in Washington

IT always happens when the sitting president's party loses seats in Congress after a bruising mid-term election campaign. Politicians on both sides of the aisle propose that the White House occupant and the lawmakers on Capitol Hill leave all the political acrimony behind them and proclaim...

US mid-terms lay bare dilemma for both sides

SO this time, unlike two years ago, the proponents of the conventional wisdom proved to be right on target and may have regained some of their credibility.

US mid-term elections: All bets are off

SO IT was around this time two years ago that yours truly - together with thousands of journalists, pundits, political experts in the United States and around the world - were predicting that the then-presidential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would win the race for the White...

Will the centre hold?

IT HAS been one of the deadliest weeks in United States political history, which included a horrific massacre of innocent Americans in their sacred place of worship and an attempted bombing spree targeting prominent public figures, including two former presidents. These events have gripped an...

The mid-terms are all about Trump

NUMBERS do not lie, and the fact is that the political party that controls the White House has lost seats in the House of Representatives in 35 of the 38 mid-term elections since the Civil War.

Weighing the likelihood of a US-China war

AGAINST the backdrop of growing tensions between Washington and Tokyo, renowned American futurologist George Friedman and Meredith Lebard argued in a book they co-authored in 1991, The Coming War with Japan, that the post-Cold War international system would be dominated by a global geo-economic and...

Trump's Saudi dilemma: Realpolitik vs liberal internationalism

THE continuing international preoccupation with the fate of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi who entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on Oct 2 to sign documents relating to his divorce and has since not been heard from, should not surprise anyone.

The Ford-Kavanaugh hearings: Who won?

IT'S no secret that Brett Kavanaugh was not President Donald Trump's first choice as a nominee for the US Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh had worked in the White House under former Republican President George W Bush, a fierce critic of Mr Trump in addition to having close personal and...

It's an America divided, never the twain shall meet

WHEN you reside in the Greater Washington metropolitan area, every big political story can become a personal local tale.

Kavanaugh-Ford clash to weigh on midterms

TWENTY-SEVEN years ago, I moved to Washington, DC, and was preparing to start writing about American politics and economics, and immediately found myself covering one of the greatest political spectacles in US history.

The economy and its impact on US voters

WHEN political strategist James Carville coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid!" as the theme of Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting president George H W Bush, he echoed the view of the majority of American political scientists, that the...

'Anonymous' can't derail Trump plans

IT all started late Wednesday afternoon (Washington time), when I noticed that I had more than 20 unread text messages, not to mention so much activity going on in my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The mid-terms will polarise an already divided America

VETERAN politicos insist that they have never witnessed such scenes of chaos and pandemonium in Washington, in general, and on Capitol Hill, in particular, where even fierce political rivals try to maintain a certain level of decorum during important partisan debates.

About those rich and crazy Asians

WE have all been told that American society is "racist" and that a bias in favour of "white privilege" determines your economic and social status. ...