Could it get any worse in the US?

WITH a deadly pandemic raging around the country that is responsible for some 160,000 American lives and which has wiped out five years of economic growth, the only person I know who would probably empathise with her countryfolk is a family relative who celebrated her 100-year birthday this...

US civil unrest reinforces sense of chaos and insecurity

AT THE height of civil rights protests against racial segregation in the southern United States in the 1950s and 1960s, many Americans were horrified as they watched on television white policemen in states such as Alabama and Mississippi beating up and unleashing dogs against peaceful black and...

It's official: A Sino-US Cold War is on

HISTORIANS can point today to the exact starting dates of the Great War and World War II, but would probably disagree when asked to pinpoint the day or even the year that marked the beginning of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Surging virus erodes Trump's support

FUTURE historians chronicling President Donald Trump's last year in office and trying to figure out the main reasons for what pollsters expect will be his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, will probably point to the launch of the press briefings by the White House Coronavirus Task Force...

Biden's populism trims jagged edges of Trumpism

TRUMPISM, as we have been told by intellectual supporters of the self-proclaimed populist and economic nationalist occupying the White House, would turn the ideological basis of the Republican Party upside down.

Trump's tactics widening the racial divide in the US

SKIM through American newspapers of the last five decades, and you are bound to run into more than a few op-eds and commentaries each year that predict that the country has reached the inflection point in race relations, and that they were about to change. ("We shall soon overcome the deep...

Credibility of US' global power being challenged

DURING the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union, strategic thinkers sketched out the frightening dilemma facing policy-makers in Washington.

Is it finally 'over' for Donald Trump?

VETERAN White House correspondents have been comparing the current mood in Washington to the final days in office of two one-term presidents, Democrat Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and Republican George H W Bush (1989-1993).

Trump's reality check in campaign start

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has had some bad weeks over his term of office so far - for example, when it was revealed that he and his surrogates paid US$130,000 to silence a sex worker, aka Stormy Daniels, about an affair she said she had with him in 2006.

Is political change around the corner?

IT HAS been suggested that if you travelled on a time machine to England in the 19th century and informed workers there that they were living through the "Industrial Revolution", they would probably express astonishment. "Say what? What revolution?"

The Republican Party is now the Trump Party

THE Republican Party has gone through several political and ideological metamorphoses since the middle of the 19th century when it emerged under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln as the major driving force in the fight against slavery and in support of civil rights for blacks.

Can a 'law-and-order' president get re-elected?

I RESIDE in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a well-off suburb of Washington, DC. My neighbours include government bureaucrats, lawyers, lobbyists and journalists who on a regular day have very few contacts with the "other Washington" - the mostly African-American and Hispanic residents of the poor and...

Latest Trump tantrum targets Big Tech

SINCE the arrival of the Internet Age and the rise of the information technology companies, Republicans and conservatives have maintained an ambivalent relationship with the high-tech industries in Silicon Valley that have helped transformed the US economy and become a symbol of American global...

The US should revamp its own democracy, stop preaching to others

IT WOULD have been funny, if it was not tragic: For several days, following the decision by Beijing to pass a controversial national security law for Hong Kong, Washington's political and media elites launched a barrage of criticism aimed at the Chinese.

An American eulogy

I WAS not born in the USA and that may be why I find myself defending my adopted country with more conviction than other Americans who may be taking their place of birth for granted and feel less constrained in criticising (and in some cases, bashing) it.

Golden globalist

LET'S imagine a world sans Covid-19. After reading her recent op-ed in The Business Times on sustainability investing, I decide that I must have a talk with global strategist Marsha Vande Berg.

A president who is his own worst enemy

AFTER an embarrassing impeachment process that seemed to threaten his presidency, he was acquitted by a majority of Republicans in a gruelling trial in the US Senate.

Bernie is leading, but it's making his party unhappy

I HAVE not sensed this level of political hysteria gripping Washington, DC, since candidate Donald Trump started winning presidential primaries in early 2016.

White House race: battle of the billionaires?

THEY had counted on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to indict him for his alleged "collusion" with the Kremlin. They had hoped that impeaching him would create a momentum in Congress and around the country to oust him from office.