ECB dragging us deeper into madness

THE European Central Bank will doubtless cut its overnight deposit rate even deeper than the current -0.4 per cent at its next meeting in September. That doesn't mean it's the right way to try to breathe life into the euro zone economy. It might just make things worse.


Is it a bond? Please, can I have it... right now?

IT'S slim pickings in the bond market at the moment. What else can fund managers do but fall into line with their index, close their eyes and buy?


What's Warren Buffett up to in Europe?

WARREN Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc is selling debt in Europe. For those of us on the Buffett M&A watch, the move certainly raises an eyebrow.  Berkshire has hired banks to manage a benchmark sale of 20- and 30-year bonds in euros, as well as in pounds, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday...


This Brexit delay is a bond market opportunity

BREXIT hasn't gone away - it's just resting - but the six-month extension agreed with the European Union could turn out to be a capital markets opportunity.  The search for yield is the overriding theme for bond investors this year, and UK markets are no exception. From that perspective the...

Norway's US$1t wealth fund mulls over investment strategy in review

IT'S the very definition of a First-World problem, but Norway's US$1 trillion sovereign wealth fund is wrestling with whether to make its investment portfolio less diverse. It's a subject that cuts to the heart of the "active manager versus passive index" debate....