Yellen and dollar diplomacy - US Treasury has much to fix

THE US Treasury takes the lead on US currency policy. A Treasury led by former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen has much to do in shoring up US exchange rate policy. US President Donald Trump's currency policy has been confusing. His administration talked down the US dollar while pushing it up...


IMF's difficulties from epic virus challenge have only just begun

EMERGING markets and developing countries are in dire economic plight amid the Covid-19 crisis. Eyes are turning to the world's first responder, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but the pandemic raises fundamental challenges for the Fund.


Negative interest rate debate needs clarity to be useful

RAGING debates have sprung up in past weeks about negative interest rates.


The dreary outlook for the 2020s has become drearier

MARKETS understandably tanked when the novel coronavirus hit. The Federal Reserve came to the rescue and participants recovered and went on a euphoric binge.


IMF should promote global view on tackling crisis

THE global economic outlook and financial stability discussion is the centrepiece of the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC). It allows ministers and central bank governors, often domestically focused, to hear from others about their...

Time for G-20 to step up and lead the way

WHEN economic commentators say that the Covid-19 pandemic is the most dangerous policy challenge since the 2008 financial crisis, they are surely right. The two crises differ in their causes and scope. But what clearly links them is the need for a large, early and coordinated international...


This decade will test world leaders' will to tackle global challenges

IF THE recent past is prologue, it is questionable whether world leaders can find the vision and will to tackle key global challenges.


Global growth will continue to slow in new decade

PUNDIT predictions for the 2020 global economy abound. A consensus exists - global growth will be underwhelming and flattish, the dollar may weaken a bit but remain firm, asset prices may do somewhat well, and bond yields could go back up a bit.

Debate brewing on China's fiscal and monetary policies

CHINA'S annual Central Economic Work Conference will soon convene and establish the country's growth target for 2020. It is expected to be set at around 6 per cent per cent. Accordingly, analysts almost uniformly project 2020 growth of roughly 5.8 per cent, a figure seen as needed to achieve...