Pritzker winner wants to build homes for poor, not grand monuments

IN the City of London, you can step out of Bank underground station and walk half a mile in any direction to see what Pritzker Prize-winning architects can do when they push themselves. At Bank intersection itself, breaking up the heavy imperial-era neoclassicism of Soane, Baker and Lutyens is...

India's economy faces an ominous new year in 2018

YOU would think the Indian economy had returned to rosy health. It seems to have recovered from two enormous disruptions - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision just over a year ago to withdraw 86 per cent of the currency in circulation, and the poorly-planned rollout in the middle of 2017...

Out of Asia and into the Indo-Pacific

AS US President Donald Trump makes his way across Asia, ears in local capitals have picked up a subtle but unmistakable change in messaging from the US administration.