Hong Kong left exposed by HKEX surrender on LSE

THAT was quick. Workers in Hong Kong's finance industry returned to the office after a long weekend of violent protests to find that their stock exchange has decided not to pursue a takeover bid for its London counterpart.


China smiles and waits as the world cuts rates

CHINA'S state-driven economic model has created many problems. Monetary policy isn't one of them.


Chinese investors are playing a game of hot potato

THE star that burns the brightest may also burn out fastest. Investors tempted by the blazing debut of China's new tech board should bear that in mind.


Get ready for more Chinese defaults

CHINA'S bond market has been eerily quiet lately.  Over the past year, investors in China's US dollar bonds had gotten used to the idea of defaults.


Hong Kong protests are giving banks a headache

FOR years, global investors and financiers have identified Hong Kong as a wealthy, stable city. On many fronts, this assumption is now being called into question. Hong Kong dollar funding costs have soared amid tightening liquidity and political protests.


China's a potential gold mine for ratings agencies

CHINESE debt is a potential billion-dollar market for international credit-rating companies. It's also one riven with pitfalls.


What Uber missed out in Asia

ALL it takes is a quick trip to Jakarta to realise that Uber Technologies Inc missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.


Have a credit card? You're among China's fortunate

OWNING a credit card can seem like a rite of passage in the US, where even a college student with no income can sign up and start swiping. More than two-thirds of Americans over the age of 15 carry plastic.


Masayoshi Son finds easy way to make US$1b a year

MASAYOSHI Son is a very clever man. SoftBank Group, his giant Japanese conglomerate, is in talks with investors to add as much as US$15 billion to its Vision Fund, according to Bloomberg News. The US$100 billion venture capital fund has already deployed more than US$70 billion in tech companies...


There are tentative signs that wild beasts of Chinese real estate are growing up

LAST September, China's third biggest real estate developer said something that sent shivers throughout the country and beyond.  China Vanke's goal for the next three years would be simply "to survive", its chairman Yu Liang warned....


China's retail investors are no suckers

THE securities industry just rained on China's bull market parade....

Emerging-market junk bonds looking good? Think again

AFTER a bruising rout, emerging-market junk bonds are scaling a golden mountain.  Credit seems like the right place to be these days. Since a low in late November, Asia's high-yield corporate bonds have already risen more than 4 per cent, while emerging-market stocks have been trading...


Selling drugs is no longer a free lunch in China

THERE may be such a thing as a free lunch in China's pharmaceutical industry. It turns out it's not an unlimited buffet, though....

China's billionaire tech founders risk slipping out of touch

SOME of China's tech billionaires apparently still have not received the #MeToo memo.  Michael Yu, head of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc, raised a social media storm by appearing to disparage all Chinese women, two months after Inc CEO Richard Liu was arrested in...


Unicorns backing their own VCs? Blame it on liquidity

WHEN unicorns start setting up their own venture-capital funds, you know the tech world is getting frothy.


China's IPO drought is due to regulator having too few staff to vet listing aspirants

A STOCK market devoid of IPOs is a stagnant pool.


Why Grab doesn't have a handle on Indonesia

A RIDE-HAILING rivalry is gearing up in Southeast Asia.