In China, when small businesses get loans they buy property

[HONG KONG] By offering cheap loans to small businesses, governments reason, entrepreneurs will continue to pay their employees. That should halt the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. But so far, this endeavour has been a public relations fiasco and a logistics nightmare.


Private equity can't just hide out in a wooded bungalow

IF EXCHANGE-TRADED funds are the fast food of investing, then private equity is the private kitchen. As the world spirals into a recession and the coronavirus pandemic batters your retirement accounts, wealthy investors who bought into assets from unicorns to paintings can hide in an elite...


If Ray Dalio isn't making money now, neither will you

THE coronavirus outbreak is costing hedge funds billions, as a massive dislocation across asset classes causes a breakdown in traditional relationships.


Covid-19: Lessons for US from China on financial stability

ABOUT 80,000 infected cases and 3,000 deaths later, the one lesson China has learned from the novel coronavirus outbreak is that it is very contagious and highly disruptive. Now Beijing can teach the Federal Reserve a thing or two about how to contain its financial destruction.

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son, tech visionary or robber baron?

THIS is the year that brought a US$100 billion venture capitalist to his knees.

How can the land of K-pop fail to innovate?

[SEOUL] South Korea is the land of foldable phones, K-pop and beauty creams. But somehow its best and brightest are missing out on the hottest innovation trends.


One neat trick turns WeWork into a winner

MASAYOSHI Son just pulled off a deal that gives him the best of both worlds. He's found a way to keep a foot in WeWork without getting it stuck in the company's quicksand of cash.


Hong Kong left exposed by HKEX surrender on LSE

THAT was quick. Workers in Hong Kong's finance industry returned to the office after a long weekend of violent protests to find that their stock exchange has decided not to pursue a takeover bid for its London counterpart.