US bourses can take a leaf from Singapore DCS framework: SEC commissioner

SINGAPORE'S dual-class share (DCS) structure with its attendant safeguards are a sensible compromise that can be an "interesting" model for the US, home to the world's biggest stock markets, said Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Robert Jackson Jr...

Stable leadership transition critical to country's businesses and economy: Shanmugam

STABLE leadership transition in a country is important to businesses and economy, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Monday at the launch of the 9th Corporate Governance Week by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore).

Centennial falling granite: Owner wins suit against designer, sub-con

MILLENIA Pte Ltd, the owner of Centennial Tower, has won its lawsuit against the skyscraper's designer and builder Dragages Singapore and cladding works sub-contractor Builders Shop over the building's granite cladding...

A$ slide a pain point for Singapore firms with Australian exposure

THE Australian dollar's (AUD) recent dive against the Singapore dollar (SGD) to hover at 0.98 will hurt Singapore firms with exposure to the currency. ...

Landmark ruling lets Trikomsel unit liquidators tap commercial claims funder

IN THE first ruling of its kind, the High Court has made a declaration that gives the liquidators of two Trikomsel subsidiaries the green light to proceed with a commercial third-party funding arrangement.

Bill tabled to integrate insolvency, bankruptcy and debt revamp laws

AN omnibus Bill that consolidates personal and corporate insolvency and debt restructuring laws into a single piece of legislation was tabled for first reading in Parliament on Monday.