Apple pays the price to stay at the bleeding edge

APPLE Inc looks like it may put down close to US$1 billion just to keep its devices at the leading edge. Japan Display Inc, one of its key providers of screens, said Friday it would get up to US$400 million from bailout partner Harvest Tech Investment Management Co. Nestled into its two-page...


Meituan shows pragmatism is a dish best served hot

AS LONG as Meituan Dianping is posting operating losses, any revenue figure that beats analyst estimates is irrelevant.


Apple sales shock isn't the worst of tech's troubles

BACK on Aug 28 I sounded a warning.


Now's not the time to celebrate Tencent earnings

TENCENT Holdings Ltd may struggle to repeat the better-than-expected earnings it delivered in the third quarter.

Baidu building an AI mousetrap

BAIDU spent a good portion of the 20-minute opening presentations of its investor call on Wednesday talking up how awesome its artificial-intelligence technology is.


Hong Kong's tech dreams are becoming a nightmare

HONG KONG'S latest plan to become a listing destination for the region's tech companies is off to a rocky start. In April, the bourse changed a long-standing rule to allow companies with dual-class shares to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange....

How Apple's posse fared on its rise to a US$1 trillion company

APPLE Inc's rise to become a US$1 trillion company is a story of innovation, new possibilities and one iconic product. A posse of suppliers and partners has been part of the journey by selling key components, assembling the devices, or simply connecting iPhones to their networks....


Trump's tech tariffs are awesome, for South-east Asia

DONALD Trump may well be the best thing that has happened to South-east Asia's humble electronics industry in quite a while. Relatively small, and frankly not as sexy as their North Asia cousins, makers of components and devices with factories dotted around the region may get some time in...

Beijing towers over US$9b IPO in Hong Kong

CHINA Tower Corp's Hong Kong IPO looks like a pretty straightforward affair. The business is about as vanilla as it gets: The company builds and runs towers on which telecom operators hang their transmission equipment. It collects rent in return. No need to wrestle with GMV, MAU or ARPU....