Instant-messenging firm Line would be lucky to find a suitor, even Yahoo

[TAIPEI] The instant-messenging company has been marching towards irrelevance since its dual Tokyo and New York initial public offerings three years ago, with management failing to navigate any clear future for the company or its core product. They've shown zero interest in geographical...


It's time for Tencent to hive off its fintech business and let it shine

CHINA'S most ubiquitous company is hiding one of its most valuable assets. That needs to change.

Tencent should be split up

[TAIPEI] China's most ubiquitous company is hiding one of its most valuable assets. That needs to change.

WeWork was more black swan than unicorn for SoftBank

[TAIPEI] SoftBank Group Corp's WeWork debacle is unlikely to be repeated. It also means that for the Vision Fund to deliver venture capital-size returns, it'll need to rely on singles and doubles instead of hitting home runs.


Masayoshi Son desperately needs that second US$100b

SOFTBANKGroup Corp chairman Masayoshi Son is in the kind of pickle that even Jamie Dimon can't get him out of. Earnings for the September quarter show just how badly his Vision Fund is performing, and accelerate the need to raise a second incarnation just to keep the money flowing through...


One neat trick turns WeWork into a winner

MASAYOSHI Son just pulled off a deal that gives him the best of both worlds. He's found a way to keep a foot in WeWork without getting it stuck in the company's quicksand of cash.


WeWork rescue plan could backfire on SoftBank

WEWORK'S valuation keeps sliding. SoftBank Group, its largest outside investor, is now targetting US$8 billion through a rescue package it's putting together, according to Bloomberg News. But Masayoshi Son ought to be careful. While the deal may set a floor under WeWork, it could also diminish...


There's more to Nintendo's game than gadget sales

GADGETS have rarely mattered less to Nintendo Co.


This phone isn't just about the folding stuff

WITH Samsung Electronics Co finally launching its troubled Galaxy Fold, success for the US$1,980 luxury handset may be measured not in how many it ships, but how many competitors decide to develop their own.


Apple pays the price to stay at the bleeding edge

APPLE Inc looks like it may put down close to US$1 billion just to keep its devices at the leading edge. Japan Display Inc, one of its key providers of screens, said Friday it would get up to US$400 million from bailout partner Harvest Tech Investment Management Co. Nestled into its two-page...


Meituan shows pragmatism is a dish best served hot

AS LONG as Meituan Dianping is posting operating losses, any revenue figure that beats analyst estimates is irrelevant.


Apple sales shock isn't the worst of tech's troubles

BACK on Aug 28 I sounded a warning.


Now's not the time to celebrate Tencent earnings

TENCENT Holdings Ltd may struggle to repeat the better-than-expected earnings it delivered in the third quarter.