Scrapping stock trading link means a missed opportunity

HAVING scrapped the high-speed rail (HSR) link with Singapore, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed announced last week that he now wants to review the planned stock market trading link between the two countries, which is supposed to be operational by the end of the year.

Banker to central bankers

EVEN before he turned 50, Agustin Carstens was a veteran at handling economic and financial crises, as a central banker and finance minister.

Trump's unfair tariffs will achieve little, and hurt many

WITH the ink barely dry on the executive order authorising tariffs on steel and aluminium, US President Donald Trump has dramatically upped the ante by threatening to impose a draconian set of protectionist measures on China.

The EU's straight-shooting trade chief

WHILE pursuing her degree in political science at Gothenburg University in Sweden in the early 1990s, the European Union's Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström financed her studies by working as a psychiatric nurse for three years...

Talent crunch will set back innovation

WHAT'S the No. 1 item on the wish list of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?...