Making The Cut

BEYOND THE MENU of tender ribeye or hefty tomahawks lies a world of alternative or secondary cuts to explore. While less popular and typically tougher, the likes of oyster blade, karubi plate, intercostals (cut from between the ribs) and hanger steaks are steadily gaining traction with local...

Chefs' Specials

Intense, savoury, nutty, and full of umami, this Addict Kombu Butter is superb as a spread on warm bread, as well as for cooking with. Like the name says, this is addictive stuff, made mainly with butter, kombu and sea salt. It takes 10 days to prepare, and only 50 to 70 jars are made each time...

Women chefs who are making their mark in Singapore’s F&B scene

Women chefs are a rarity no more, as more young ones set out to make their mark on the local dining

Upcycled Cuisine

DREW NOCENTE HAS just launched a new menu at his restaurant Salted and Hung. It's got nothing to do with seasonal produce, as chefs are wont to do, nor is he out to show how he has evolved as a chef new techniques or inspiration from say, his latest food travels....

Fresh Ways To Woo Your Lover

Put a twist on the predictable Valentine's Day dinner with these ideas for even more conscious coupling...

East-West Reunion

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS alive and well in Singapore and nowhere is it more evident than during the lunar new year, when the Chinese aren’t the only ones tossing vegetables and yelling “Huat ah!”. From Italian octopus yusheng to suckling pig brined in citrus and herbs, reunion dinners are no...

Lo Hei Redux

“Mandarins are a common gift during CNY and I thought it would be nice to make something tasty with them,” says chef Pynt.

The Sauce of Good Cooking

It may not be that well known that Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory is Singapore’s oldest and only sugar manufacturer, and has been making its own rock sugar since 1947.

Food Matters in 2019

What are we going to eat in the new year? We find out what Singapore’s F&B players think.

Sweet Dreams Of Christmas

YOU COULD SAY that visions of sugar plums - not to mention gold flakes, white truffles and cacao pods - danced in the heads of the four acclaimed chefs we enlisted, to create a few pages of dessert porn to kick off the Christmas feasting season.

A Taste Of Christmas Tradition

THIRTY years ago, foie gras was seen as a prized treat for Christmas and celebratory events, and you had to prove yourself in the kitchen before you were allowed to handle it, recalls French chef Frédéric Colin. Now, he laments, it has become so mass market that “you can find it everywhere”.

The Big Cheese

EVER SINCE SINGAPOREAN diners learned to differentiate Camembert from Brie - or even if they don’t but still love them both - the appetite for cheese has been growing unabated.