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Impact of Fed's impending rate hike

Four economists look at what may happen when the Fed raises its rates this year amid the current global market turmoil

"The dollar has already strengthened, anticipating a rate rise, so I do not really think (an actual rise) will have an additional impact on world markets," says Eisuke Sakakibara

"Many investors believe that if the Fed does raise rates, the consequences for the world economy will be such that the US would be subsequently forced to back track," says Kenneth Courtis

"We have been in currency wars since the global financial crisis, and there is no end in sight," says William Thomson

"Any acceleration in market moves in a deflationary direction is likely to feed concerns about an emerging market debt crisis," says Christopher Wood

Roundtable participants:

  • Eisuke Sakakibara: Former vice finance minister for International Affairs of Japan and director, Institute for Indian Economic Studies,Waseda University;
  • Kenneth Courtis: Former vice-president, Goldman Sachs
  • ...

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