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Banks hope for warmer Asean ties to brace anti-trade chill

Within the region, Indonesia is in vogue in 2017

"To be a leading Asian bank, winning in China, India and Indonesia - the region's biggest economies - is crucial to our long-term success . . . India and Indonesia will be our big areas of focus in 2017." - Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS

"As today's millennials become the largest segment of the local workforce and form the backbone of the future economy, UOB is also focused on extending our footprint in this segment." - Wee Ee Cheong, CEO, UOB

"2017 is probably going to be like the second half of 2016, where there is lack of confidence and uncertainty. There will probably be a lot more events, and government or monetary policies will continue to be unsteady." - Samuel Tsien, CEO, OCBC Bank


ASIAN banks are hoping for a closer huddle within the region amid the chill of anti-trade sentiment in the wake of Brexit and the US elections, with Indonesia in vogue this year.

As it is, the banks are already tackling a host of tougher regulations, slower global growth...

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