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Top investing mistakes are being emotional, focusing on short term: survey

AN online survey of 150 financial advisors in Singapore by French asset manager Natixis Global Asset Management found that top mistakes made by Singapore investors include making emotional investment decisions and focusing on short-term market noise.

Some 69 per cent of those surveyed cited the above two as mistakes.

The survey is part of a larger global study of 2,400 advisors in 14 countries from Asia, Europe, Latin America, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

Other top mistakes cited by Singapore advisors include failing to have a financial plan, not setting clear financial goals and not staying on course.

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Some 73 per cent of financial advisors said that their clients are conflicted between obtaining returns and preserving capital.

Some 72 per cent of Singapore advisors, versus 77 per cent globally, agree that traditional portfolio allocation - consisting of 60 per cent stocks and 40 per cent bonds - is not the best way to pursue returns and manage investment risk.

The survey also found that 71 per cent of Singapore advisors use alternatives in the portfolios of at least some clients.

Some 57 per cent of advisors use alternatives for clients with assets of US$1 million to US$4.9 million.

But only 31 per cent of advisors use alternatives for clients with more than US$5 million.