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Singapore's libraries: Between the covers

How our libraries came to be, and where they're headed.


Seated from left: Elaine Ng, CEO of NLB; Lynnette Kang, librarian; Suhaila Ghani, senior library officer. Back, from left: Aida Abdul Rahim, associate librarian; Gracie Lee, senior librarian; Zoe Yeo, associate librarian.

The Pasir Ris Public Library at the White Sands mall.

The NLB's 'mini Mollies' serve preschools and childcare centres in HDB neighbourhoods, as well as welfare organisations that were previously inaccessible by NLB's larger mobile library buses.

CHEN Onn Peng remembers what it was like to travel a whole hour just to get to a library. In the '60s, she and her twin sister would get on bus 107 from Johor Bahru and ride it all the way to a red brick building on Stamford Road. There, at what was Singapore's National Library building at the...

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