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The future of work

No longer the sole domain of hot-deskers and digital nomads, the co-working concept has come into the mainstream and is here to stay



"Clients who wouldn't have been open to the co-working concept previously are now interested in getting in on the action. They see the value in being connected to a community of talented and like-minded individuals and businesses. It's no longer just a workplace for start-ups, freelancers and techies. We now have members from different sizes of companies and business types including many global brands." - JustCo founder and CEO Kong Wan Sing

"We are seeing enough demand to warrant the growth of new co-working spaces." - Ben Gattie, CEO and co-founder of The Working Capitol

Shoe designer Mashizan Masjum in his office in Singapore – a work suite at co-working space Collective Works in Capital Tower. There, the Singaporean designer and his two employees rub shoulders with a larger community of entrepreneurs and businesses.

MASHIZAN Masjum designs beautiful women's shoes in iridescent patent leathers and stamped suedes. The shoes, made in Florence, sell for S$450 to S$980 under his namesake brand Mashizan. When not at his atelier in Italy, he is in his office in Singapore - a work suite at co-working space...

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