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Addvalue partners Argentinian tech firm to enhance design of space hardware

MAINBOARD-LISTED Addvalue Technologies said on Thursday it would collaborate with Argentinian technology company Invap SE to facilitate the development and enhance the design of space hardware at Addvalue.

In a filing to Singapore Exchange, Addvalue said the partnership would enhance reliability required of communications equipment suitable for use on low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, including its Inter-Satellite Data Relay System.

Based on the Invap training, Addvalue said it expects to produce innovative high-reliability communications equipment certified for commercial use in space. This includes parts selection, digital radio design, high-reliability production and space qualification environmental testing.

Addvalue said it would send a team of engineers to Invap in Argentina for technical training to augment its manufacturing expertise later in June.

The Invap training is part of the Capability Development Programme for Space funded by the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Invap specialises in the design and construction of LEO and geostationary satellites.