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Board changes at Moya Holdings

WATER treatment company Moya Holdings Asia on Wednesday said its executive director Simon Melhem, will be redesignated as a non-executive and non-independent director of the company, as he intends to pursue his personal interest outside the group.

Mr Melhem will also be appointed as a member of the audit committee and the remuneration committee, Moya said. 

He owns 1.4 million ordinary shares, and eight million employee share options of the company. 

Separately, Irwan Dinata has stepped down as a member of Moya's audit committee and its remuneration committee, but remains as a nominating committee member.

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With effect from March 7, the firm's audit committee and remuneration committee will comprise the following directors:

Audit Committee

• Low Chai Chong (chairman)

• Hwang Kin Soon Ignatius

• Simon Melhem

Remuneration Committee

• Hwang Kin Soon Ignatius (chairman)

• Low Chai Chong

• Simon Melhem

Moya added that the composition of its board and nominating committee of the company remains unchanged.

Board of directors

• Low Chai Chong (chairman, non-executive lead independent director)

• Mohammad Syahrial (chief executive officer)

• Irwan Dinata (managing director)

• Simon Melhem (non-executive non-independent director)

• Hwang Kin Soon Ignatius (non-executive independent director)

Nominating committee

• Hwang Kin Soon Ignatius (chairman)

• Low Chai Chong

• Irwan Dinata

Shares in Moya Holdings Asia closed at 7.5 Singapore cents apiece on Wednesday, down 1.3 per cent, or 0.1 Singapore cent.