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Bringing the gift of power

SP Heart Workers, the name given to the staff volunteers, has over the past 10 years raised more than S$12 million and helped over 31,000 beneficiaries through community outreach programmes.


SINGAPORE Power is the silent sustainer of our society. Powering the nation 365 days a year, they reach every corner of our country, every hour of the day.

Despite this load, Singapore Power makes it their business to bring about goodness to communities in other ways. Instead of throwing a lavish celebration to celebrate their 20th anniversary for example, Singapore Power decided to plan 30 community service initiatives.

Led by SP Heart Workers, the name given to Singapore Power's staff volunteers, these activities over the past 10 years raised more than S$12 million and helped over 31,000 beneficiaries through community outreach programmes. Notably, SP Heart Workers contributed 9,000 volunteers' hours in 2015 to assist low-income families and children, and partnered Community Chest to help needy elderly.

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Said Wong Kim Yin, group CEO, Singapore Power: "At Singapore Power, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of Singaporeans. We do that by providing a reliable supply of energy, but we also believe we can enhance quality of life by sharing with the community and returning to the community through raising funds and involving our staff in volunteer work."

For a company whose performance relies on others' consumption of energy, Singapore Power has ironically been advocating for reduced energy consumption and alternative energy sources to contribute to a sustainable Singapore.

Leveraging its national reach, Singapore Power advocates energy conservation through programmes such as their Electricity Efficiency Centre, mobile exhibitions in schools, grassroots programmes, and a mobile app that helps customers track and reduce their energy consumption, by giving conservation tips in its utilities bills to customers.

Singapore Power has also been working with Singapore Polytechnic to fund research on solar cars by sponsoring and contributing engineering expertise. Singapore Power also introduced a sponsorship called SunSPEC Polytechnic and University Scholarship that spun-off from the solar car project. Said Lai En Han, Singapore Polytechnic graduate and recipient of the SunSPEC Polytechnic and University Sponsorship: "Singapore Power has given us much support throughout the entire [SOLAR CAR]project. In Australia, the staff helped us in purchasing logistics and also by sharing their technical knowledge. They also took good care of our safety and welfare." Singapore Power is a Company of Good member - an initiative run by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

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