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Cordlife partners US-Based PlumCare to offer genetic screening service

MAINBOARD-listed healthcare company, Cordlife Group, has entered into a partnership with PlumCare, a US-based company, to offer a genetic testing service to help families in Asia identify gene variants associated with increased risk of developing inherited conditions such as breast and ovarian cancer.

"PlumCare™ DNA Advisor is the brainchild of Petros Tsipouras, a specialist in clinical genetics and an adjunct professor at Yale University School of Medicine, and Paul Billings, a specialist in genomic medicine. The team at PlumCare is also made up of highly experienced scientific and medical informatics specialists associated with Harvard and Yale Universities," Cordlife said.

It cited a recent study saying that the global DNA testing market is estimated to reach US$10.04 billion by 2022. In the Asia-Pacific region, the industry is anticipated to witness high growth due to developments in healthcare infrastructure, coupled with a large target population suffering from chronic and acute conditions.

Cordlife will soon launch and market the PlumCare™ DNA Advisor under the Genscreen brand. Other diagnostics services in its portfolio include non-invasive prenatal testing, urine-based metabolic screening for newborns, and paediatric vision screening for children aged six months to six years.