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SIA launches cargo service for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments

SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has launched a service to transport time-sensitive and temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments quickly and reliably by air, the carrier announced on Thursday.

Its new Thrucool service will safeguard the shipments during air transportation by providing services like priority uplift and handling, quick ramp transfers at airports, cold room facilities, and thermal blankets and covers to insulate the shipments from external factors. Customers can also choose to place shipments in temperature-controlled containers and track their location during shipping.

SIA has partnered terminal operators SATS, Cargologic and Qantas Freight to launch a "quality corridor" along its Zurich-Singapore-Sydney route as its initial offering.

The corridor will comply with standards adopted from the International Air Transport Association's Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (IATA CEIV Pharma) programme to reduce potential for product loss caused by handling and environmental factors like temperature changes.

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"As the first airline in the Asia-Pacific region to be CEIV Pharma-certified, the launch of Thrucool reinforces our commitment to provide customers dedicated cold chain services when transporting time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments," said Chin Yau Seng, SIA's senior vice president for cargo.

"We are acutely aware of the life-saving role these shipments play in societies across the world and Thrucool is our assurance that our customers' cargo will receive the best care not only on our flights but also on the ground during transit."

Mr Chin said SIA will continue to collaborate with industry partners to expand its network of quality corridors for pharmaceutical products to be transported safely across key trade lanes.