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SingTel and FireEye to jointly enhance cyber-security in the Asia-Pacific

SINGAPORE Telecommunications has teamed up with network security company FireEye to enhance cyber-security in the Asia-Pacific.

Under the deal, the two parties will co-invest US$50 million over the next five years to build new Advanced Security Operation Centres (ASOCs) in Singapore and Australia. They will also work to build up cyber-security expertise, including training up to 150 professionals to operate the ASOCs.

The partnership will establish the first SingTel Managed-Defence solution, powered by FireEye in the Asia-Pacific. The two companies will collaborate to raise awareness and knowledge of next-generation cyber threats through biannual Asia Pacific-focused threat advisory reports.

The two ASOCs will be connected to FireEye's existing centres, one in Ireland and the other two in the US. The ASOCs will have access FireEye's extensive threat library for a fast response time to threats.