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ST Engineering injects US$5.8m into Keystone to acquire aircraft

THE aerospace arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering has injected close to US$5.8 million into one of its subsidiaries to add an Airbus A321 to its fleet of aircraft.

The company said in a filing on Friday that ST Aerospace Resources has made a further capital injection of US$5,777,919 into Keystone Holdings (Global) to add an Airbus A321 into its aircraft leasing portfolio. Keystone is the holding company for aircraft leasing investments.

This would bring the total share capital contribution in Keystone to US$18,958,806, said ST Engineering.

For the purposes of capitalisation of Keystone, ST Engineering has in turn injected US$5,777,919 into ST Aerospace Resources.

Keystone has injected US$2,304,569, into its subsidiary Keystone Leasing (UK) Limited, which has in turn injected the same amount into Keystone 1 Limited.

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