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YuuZoo co-founders to launch new live game streaming services

MAINBOARD-LISTED YuuZoo Corporation on Friday announced that its co-founders, Thomas Zilliacus and Ron Creevey, have signed a new partnership agreement to launch live game streaming services.

These will be conducted via multicast social broadcasting to a global audience, but with a specific focus on the world's fastest growing and largest developing markets.

Mr Creevey, who in 2012 founded X-Cast, a Sydney-headquartered video and radio broadcast platform, will provide game streaming technology through X-Cast's platform, while Yuuzoo, via its Virtual Shopping Mall distribution platform, will provide access to 85 million registered users and 700 million television viewers in 164 countries.

Said Mr Zilliacus: "Games form one of three cornerstones in our virtual shopping mall. Improving live game streaming is a new and hugely exciting service. X-Cast provides a multicast platform. The live streaming will be yet another service within YuuZoo's Virtual Shopping Mall, attracting more users and attracting users to spend more time in the YuuZoo Mall. All game-related payments and all payments for all events including 'pay per view' will be made using our payment platform YuuPay."

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Game event streaming has been on a rapid growth track, said YuuZoo in a statement. Twitch, one of the market leaders in game event streaming in the developed markets, was recently sold for US$1 billion. "Compared with Twitch, YuuZoo has access to a much larger user base in much larger markets," the company said.