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Expand your world with BT Weekend


THIS week, the Weekend magazine shows you how wellness is the new luxury as rich baby boomers spare no expense to get their health back on track. In The Weekend Interview, read about how Naiise's founder Dennis Tay got his start peddling erasers in primary school. Also, get in the driver's seat of the Range Rover Sport SVR and Opel Mokka X in Weekend Drive.

In the main paper, this Saturday's Brunch feature examines how Singapore's throwaway culture has created growing amounts of waste and what businesses are doing about it. Want to get ahead at work? Cubicle Files shows you how to express your views or ask for something ambitious in the workplace, without being penalised for it.

Over in sports, The Finish Line dissects the problems plaguing Singapore's football scene. This weekend, we also introduce a new music column, Music To My Ears, which celebrates everything auditory, from albums to sound systems.

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