PRIVATE banks have sought to shift to a business model where clients pay a fee for advice, but that has been an uphill climb for most players.

THE violent rotation gripping US equities has chased professional investors back into small-cap stocks.


V ALUATION is key to making investment decisions. Invest when markets are expensive and future returns are likely to be poor over the medium to long term. Buy when markets are cheap and the odds are...

CHINA is about to broaden foreign access to its US$10 trillion debt market - but international investors are likely to be wary.

CHINA will sell its first US dollar-denominated sovereign bonds since 2004 in coming months along with yuan bonds, in its first overseas issuance of national debt since Moody's downgraded its...

THERE'S been no shortage of bad news when it comes to China's massive debt pile, from turbulence in the corporate bond market to last month's sovereign rating downgrade by Moody's...


THE US recovery has run for eight years and this often begs the question: When is the next recession? The answer is: Probably not for some time.

ON a winning run thanks to the downtrodden dollar, Asian currency bulls have something else to smile about: the yuan.

CONSIDER some of the most challenging problems in finance: the equity-premium puzzle; binomial-option pricing models; do zero interest rates spur inflation or damp it; are stocks cheap or overpriced?

THE big economic bounce some specialists have confidently predicted for later in the year may turn out to be only a small bump.


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