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Anwar: Dr M and I are not an 'odd couple'

Petaling Jaya

MALAYSIA'S leading opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim is puzzled why the Umno leadership assumes that the cooperation between him and Dr Mahathir Mohamad is awkward due to their past feud.

In a statement on Thursday, the Pakatan Harapan de-facto leader said he had already explained that he accepted Dr Mahathir's readiness to establish a friendship with him in the spirit of brotherhood.

"It's hard for me to understand why Umno is so afraid of the Dr Mahathir and Anwar partnership. Our consensus is also because we are both determined to generate change," said Mr Anwar.

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He also alleged that there were "large-scale scandals" that were being swept under the carpet, the Star online newspaper reported.

"Only with a change in power, can the country be steered according to the Federal Constitution and the rule of law.

"GE14 is the best chance for the rakyat to determine the future of the country," he added.

Mr Anwar has expressed his gratitude to Dr Mahathir for sacrificing his time and energy for Pakatan Harapan, to bring about change in the general election.

He added that the former prime minister was positioned as a leader due to his experience, his contribution to the country and his willingness to embrace change. Mr Anwar is currently serving a jail sentence in Sungai Buloh prison and is expected to be released on June 8.