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Five key items on new government's agenda: President Tony Tan

THE new term of government will have five key items on its agenda, said President Tony Tan Keng Yam on Friday at the opening session of Singapore's 13th Parliament.

The government will keep Singapore safe and secure; renew the economy; foster a more caring society; transform the country's urban landscape; and engage and partner with all Singaporeans in nation-building.

"The work of securing this nation and improving our lives is never-ending. We must continually adjust our programmes and politics to ensure that Singapore keeps on an upward path," he told the House.

As he listed the many different challenges facing Singapore, Dr Tan noted how Singapore's economy was now at a "turning point". He added that the economy, which is now more mature, would grow more slowly in the coming years.

"With limited land and labour, and more severe global competition, we must upgrade our economy to sustain growth. But upgrading means restructuring, which means our people and businesses will need to adapt and change," he said.

A total of 91 members of Parliament, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his Cabinet, were present to listen to the speech. Earlier in the day, they were sworn in to parliament after taking the oath of allegiance.