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Greece says expects to pass bailout in parliament on Aug 18

[ATHENS] Greece expects the third bailout it is negotiating with its international lenders to be passed by parliament on August 18, in time to secure funds to cover a key payment to the European Central Bank, the government's spokeswoman said on Friday.

Asked about an Aug 18 vote for disbursement of aid, Olga Gerovasili told Parapolitika radio: "Yes, it is the scheduled time frame and I believe that it will be followed."

"Based on what has taken place so far, there is a good climate in the talks and in the mood of the institutions, showing that this time frame will be met."

Athens is negotiating with European Union institutions and the International Monetary Fund for up to 86 billion euros (US$94 billion) in fresh loans to stave off economic collapse and stay in the euro zone.