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Military plane crashes in Mississippi; at least five killed: reports

[WASHINGTON] A US military aircraft has crashed in the US state of Mississippi, killing at least five people, US media reported Monday.

The US Marine Corps C-130, a refuelling plane, crashed on the Sunflower-Leflore county line, the Clarion-Ledger reported.

It cited Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director Lee Smithson as the source of the information.

The Marine Corps has said there was a "mishap" but did not immediately say where or if the two were the same case.

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A Pentagon spokesman separately confirmed only that a Marine Corps aircraft was involved in the incident to which the Marine Corps referred.

"A USMC KC-130 mishap occurred the evening of July 10. Further information will be released as available," the Corps itself said on Twitter.

The incident took place around 1600 local time, the Clarion-Ledger report said, noting that firefighters sprayed the aircraft with huge layers of foam to quell the fire.

Some media said as many as nine people were on the plane without citing a source.