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Tat Hong CEO Roland Ng re-elected SCCCI president

VETERAN entrepreneur Roland Ng has been re-elected president of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) for the next three years.

The 66-year-old is is CEO and managing director of homegrown crane rental company Tat Hong.

Mr Ng served as president of the chamber’s 59th council for the past two years. His next term will last a year longer, due to a revision in length of each council’s term.

From this year, council members will serve a term of three years, instead of two years previously. This duration was last revised 103 years ago.

The extension will enable council members to  “better strategise and ensure the stability” of the SCCCI in the long term, said Mr Ng in a press statement.

Council members initially served for just one year when the chamber was established in 1906. The term was lengthened to two years a decade later.

In the latest leadership renewal, the chamber has brought in a younger team to pass on the “culture and spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs” to the next generation as early as possible, Mr Ng said.

The new council has an average age of 57, compared to the average age of 60 in the previous council. The youngest member is 42-year-old Ken Koh, CEO of Yang Kee Logistics.

The council also comprises leaders from “emerging” industries, SCCCI said in the statement. It highlights Keith Tan, founding and managing partner of Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore), as one example.

“The strong foundation we inherited from the predecessors, and the enduring trust received from the members will be the greatest support for me and the 60th Council in the next three years,” Mr Ng added.