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An inspiration for the journey ahead

We ask our new winners: what do you hope to achieve after winning the Enterprise 50 Award? Below are their responses

Top International Holding, Victor Tan Jenn Chyen, CEO.

Khaitan International, Khaitan Pawan Kumar, Director.

Sing Fuels, Sonnich Thomsen, Managing Director.

Jurong Cold Store, Darren Lee Weijie, Director.

Lim Siang Huat, Jack Lim, Managing Director.

Iron Chef Cusine, Collin Ho Chin Yang, Director.

ECAS Consultants, Chan Ewe Jin, Managing Director.

SAC Capital, Ong Hwee Li, CEO.

FormTeam Consultancy, Tom Ho, Director.

PrimeStaff Management Services, Ronald Lee, Managing Director.

GEX Ventures, Patrick Liew, Chairman.

CKR Paints & Coating Specialist, Chinnakaruppan Kalaiyarasan (Arasu), CEO.

SCT Construction, Per Tiam Hee, Managing Director.

D-Team Engineering, Derek Wu, Managing Director.

SF Investment Holding, Alex Chia Eng Thiam, Executive Chairman.

I Apparel International Group, Albert Ang Boon Chong, CEO.

Nature Landscapes, Michael Teh, Managing Director.

Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff, Poh Ah Seng, Managing Director.

Info-Tech Systems Integrators, Dilip Babu Setin Subramanian, Director.

MVI Technologies (S), Foo Say Juan, CEO.

Top International Holding
Victor Tan Jenn Chyen,

THE E50 Award is a good milestone for us to take stock and reflect on where we are and where we want to be. The direction of our game plan not only involves expansion and diversification, but also achieving sustainable growth, delivering increased value to our stakeholders, and building a robust team with suitable capabilities. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to achieving our goals.

Adroit Overseas
Mukesh Jain,

WE hope that after receiving this prestigious award, our organisation will be more motivated. It will be a good brand-strengthening tool for our company. This will increase our confidence and maintain the momentum to keep doing better next year. This recognition will build credibility and strength of the company.

Khaitan International
Khaitan Pawan Kumar,

"SUCCESS is a journey and not a destination". With this belief, I hope to continue working passionately towards growing our businesses. Winning the E50 Award is a testimony that if someone is passionate about something and focuses his energy in the right direction, then it is only a matter of time before it turns into positive results which then translates into achievements and awards.

Therefore, it gives me absolute pleasure to state that the E50 Award has driven me to be far more passionate than ever which I hope will enable me to scale newer heights.

Mthai (S)
Jagdev Singh Gill,

WE are a growing company for all our stakeholders - both internal and external. It is an honour for us to be a finalist of this prestigious award which is not only a recognition for the work done by us, but also its benefits for our communities. It also encourages us to humbly contemplate and pursue further successful expansion and business opportunities of providing sustainable fashion to the society - which is all about looking good while doing good too.

OncoCare Medical
Dr Tay Miah Hiang,

BEING the first cancer centre in Singapore to win the award, this actually humbles us. It sets the foundation we can build upon for the future for the stakeholders of the company, namely patients and staff. We will continue to strive to be better through innovation, expanding our capabilities and capacity to make cancer care more comfortable, more effective as well as more accessible and affordable for patients. We aim to grow the "OncoCare brand" to become a leading cancer centre in the region, guided by excellence, compassion and integrity.

Sing Fuels
Sonnich Thomsen,
Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Award is a great recognition of Sing Fuels' accomplishments over the years. In an industry where reputation is of paramount importance, this award will certainly boost our credibility and enhance Sing Fuels' image to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Being in the E50 spotlight will empower us to better attract and hire new industry talents. This acknowledgement in Singapore will help propel our quest for globalisation. We wish to continue to soar globally, from the hub of the port city.

Jurong Cold Store
Darren Lee Weijie,

WE are continuously looking for new opportunities to expand our capacity locally and overseas. We hope to be able to tap on our 25 years of experience in the automated cold chain warehouse and logistics industry to replicate such a business model elsewhere. At the same time, we are improving our internal processes to suit the ever-changing requirements of the customers. We need to continuously streamline our administrative and operational costs in order to remain relevant in today's very competitive business climate.

Lim Siang Huat
Jack Lim
Managing Director

IT feels great. I would like to express my gratitude to every member of the LSH family, as the award is a testament to their efforts and hard work.

It also encourages us to strive for further success, while opening up new opportunities and partnerships in future.

Mummys Market
William Chin,

MUMMYS Market set out to revolutionise the way people shop globally, starting from the family segment.

From a humble three-man team, we have now grown to be the market leader in this space - winning the E50 award is a testament of our progression in the right direction, and a milestone achieved by the grit of the Mummys Market team today.

From here, we will continue to strive for excellence and deliver value for our clients, bringing bigger and better shopping experiences to consumers.

Iron Chef Cusine
Collin Ho Chin Yang,

WINNING this prestigious award is a mark of recognition for us as one of the most enterprising companies in Singapore. In tandem with Collin's rapid local expansion plans in the upcoming months, our first overseas forays are in Indonesia and Cambodia. Our next goal is to succeed in the regional market.

We want to extend and showcase our proud heritage as a home-grown Singapore brand to the rest of the world. Our success recipe is: bold flavours, quality ingredients and superior value.

ECAS Consultants
Chan Ewe Jin,
Managing Director

THE E50 Award is a testament that ECAS has made significant achievements in growth, manpower and innovation. We will further strengthen our drive towards business excellence and in becoming the leading local multi-disciplinary engineering firm in the region.

As a unique enterprise in the built environment, we will continue to contribute to the development and advancement of our industry.

We hope to inspire the younger generation in taking up careers as future engineers of our nation.

SAC Capital
Ong Hwee Li,

THE management of SAC Capital intends to expand its network in Asia for cross-border deals. As Asia is growing, the opportunities for M&As (mergers and acquisitions), fund-raising and investments will provide growth potential for SAC Capital.

We continue to demand the highest integrity from our people as we engage our clients and business associates. Our people will be key to our growth and we will groom leaders to bring the firm forward. We will continue our pursuit to be the Singapore premium investment banking firm. We promise to be progressive in our approach.

FormTeam Consultancy
Tom Ho,

TODAY and in future, companies that thrive are the ones that have strong business foundations and strategies, adopting strong HR practices, technology and innovative processes to grow their local and overseas presence.

Currently, our team has already kick-started our technology journey by taking steps to automate existing processes and improve our productivity.

After winning the E50 Award, we believe in tapping on technology to empower our business with situational awareness so that it helps to facilitate in our staff decision-making with clear visibility of the lapses within our internal processes.

We will focus on entering new overseas markets, looking at expansion plans to bring our company to greater heights.

PrimeStaff Management Services
Ronald Lee,
Managing Director

WINNING the E50 Award is an honour for which we are grateful and thankful for. It is an affirmation that what we have been and are doing is right - our people-development strategies, our stringent value system, policies and practices, and our constantly renewing processes for relevance.

This win certainly gives our existing clients greater confidence and assurance that their choice of working with PrimeStaff is correct. We hope to increase our market share. We will be consistent in our actions and performance and clients will know they can rely on us to deliver outcomes that are in their best interests.

GEX Ventures
Patrick Liew,

AT GEX Ventures, we constantly look to redesign our disruptive business architecture and strategies, reinvigorate our talents, re-engineer our operations, and reinvent ourselves to fulfil our mission: 'Creating Wealth. Impacting Lives.' This year, besides the E50 Award, GEX Ventures also won the Champions of Good award by NVPC, The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards by APBF, as well as one of the 'Most Preferred Financial Educator' recognition by ShareInvestor. We also set a record in the Singapore Book of Records as part of our quest to galvanise more organisations and individuals to give back to society.

We are honoured and humbled by all the public recognition and these milestones will drive us to continue to strengthen ourselves as a customer-focused, needs-driven, service-oriented, and technology-enabled enterprise. GEX Ventures will continue to work towards our vision of 'Building a #WorldOfGood.

CKR Paints & Coating Specialist
Chinnakaruppan Kalaiyarasan (Arasu),

I'M very honoured to be selected as one of the winners for the 2018 E50 Awards. I come from a very humble background. I came to Singapore 20 years ago and I'm very thankful and grateful to all the people who have helped me to get to where I am right now. It was not smooth sailing but I strongly believe that with hard work, perseverance and the will to succeed, one can achieve his plan and goal.

I have always believed in giving back to society and helping those who are in need. My hope is to allocate more time and be involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR). I want to inculcate CSR into our CKR Group to make a positive impact to all our stakeholders, staff, employees and, more importantly, the community and the environment.

One of the CSR activities is to engage in charitable giving and volunteering within the community. I hope that with more involvement and with more time spent in these activities, I can be a role model and influence more people to come forward to give back to society.

United E & P
Elvin Koh,

WE view the achievement of the E50 Award as a recognition of our progress and development in our industry. We hope that such recognition would further enhance our reputation and garner more business opportunities for us.

We wish that the exposure and recognition garnered by us as an award recipient would encourage more talented individuals to join our company and participate in its future growth and development.

SCT Construction
Per Tiam Hee,
Managing Director

BEING a participant of the prestigious E50 Award for the very first time, it is indeed an honour and a milestone achievement for SCT Construction to be selected as one of this year's winners. This award is also a testament to the success and accomplishments of our company since its inception in 2006. Having established a foothold in the local market and in order to grow our business overseas, we need to differentiate ourselves from the others. Winning the E50 Award gives us the recognition and platform to springboard our company to the next level so as to achieve greater heights.

Explomo Technical Services
Anthony Lye,
Group CEO

OUR current five-year plan is as follows:

  • To leverage on artificial intelligence and new video analytics technologies to further enhance our UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) detection capabilities, ammunition disposal safety standards and civil defence bomb shelters maintenance and testing service quality.
  • To continue with our regional growth in the region having successfully delivered numerous UXO geographical surveys, disposal and safety consultancy projects in Taiwan and South-east Asia in the past 12 years. We are passionate about global safety and have just ventured into a pioneering UXO consultancy project in the Middle East through a strategic alliance.
  • To provide more innovative pyrotechnics shows using new aerial and sound technologies.

Khoon Engineering Contractor
Ang Jui Khoon,

FIRST and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to the E50 committee in recognising us for this award. 2018 marks our 30th anniversary and this award is a timely testimonial of our hard work and dedication towards nation-building.

As we progress, we strive to be the premier choice in M&E solutions and the most attractive employer in Singapore, providing the best training and welfare for our people, grooming and empowering them to fulfil their potential. Our leaders will continue to lead by example - success is no accident, but the result of consistent hard work.

D-Team Engineering
Derek Wu,
Managing Director

I HOPE to continue growing D-Team Engineering in local markets and also begin entering global markets. With the expanded network and recognition that E50 has given us, we will continue to foster meaningful relationships with our stakeholders and provide value to our clients.

D-Team Engineering has always prioritised our relationships with our clients and vendors. We will continue striving to improve our service even as we grow our market share and client base. I also hope that D-Team can set an example for other engineering firms in sustainable practices and hope to do more projects that source from eco-friendly suppliers.

Aedge Holdings
Poh Soon Keng,

WINNING the E50 Award is an affirmation that the company is heading in the right direction for our future growth. Our current success is largely due to the teamwork and commitment of our employees, synergy with our partners and the support of our customers. Moving forward, we intend to expand our multi-services platform model to increase our competitiveness by harnessing innovation, investing in technology and developing human capital.

The E50 Award has reinforced our belief in good corporate governance to win the trust and loyalty of our customers. This, along with the need to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business environment, coupled with excellence, efficiency and effectiveness in our business, will provide us with a strong foundation to penetrate the regional market.

SF Investment Holding
Alex Chia Eng Thiam,
Executive Chairman

THE E50 Award recognition will open up more doors and business opportunities for us where we can leverage on our partners for our next phase of expansion. Our aim is to prosper not only in Singapore but also regionally and eventually, internationally.

While we continuously explore opportunities to expand our reach and influence locally, our overseas project is also into its advanced stage of materialisation. We want to bring the brand to all parts of the world, igniting the world food scene with the flavours of Singapore food culture.

I Apparel International Group
Albert Ang Boon Chong,

WE are extremely proud to be announced as one of the winners of this year's E50 Awards and would like to share this success with the I Apparel family as this would not have been achievable without everyone's hard work.

We hope that we can grow from strength to strength from here on and continue to promote our model of sustainable lean manufacturing.

With this recognition, we are confident that we can continue to grow our business with our valued partners as we look to further expand our operations to other countries.

Nature Landscapes
Michael Teh,
Managing Director

WE hope to achieve greater heights and to continue to deliver outstanding value to our customers. We have plans to transform our company in the areas of business, technology and people.

We will provide new service offerings, leverage on data and apps to manage work processes and improve communications, equip our workers with better hardware to boost productivity, and develop a modern workplace culture where our people are the factor behind our success.

Together with our trade partners, we believe the implementation of the multi-pronged plans will result in a bigger celebration in 2021 for our 40th anniversary.

Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff
Poh Ah Seng,
Managing Director

WE are very honoured to be one of the winners of the E50 Awards.

Winning this award is an attestation to the work we are doing to innovate and grow the business locally and internationally.

Being the only large-scale nuts brand manufacturer in Singapore, we want to bring Singapore's "Camel" brand of nuts snacks to consumers globally.

We will continue to invest in digital and technological solutions to enhance and improve our products and processes, for more value for our customers and partners. We will also remain true to our roots, crafting healthy and nutritious snacks for our consumers.

Armstrong Industrial Corporation
Gilbert Ong,
Group Chairman and CEO

AS a Singapore-based company, winning the E50 Award is very meaningful as a form of home-ground recognition and encouragement to all of us at Armstrong, especially for our amazing team leaders and managers, for their leadership and hard work that has led to our achievements as a group.

The Singapore brand is growing well both regionally and internationally, so winning the E50 Award helps to reinforce our strong belief and determination to keep growing, keep learning and continue to be future-ready.

Info-Tech Systems Integrators
Dilip Babu Setin Subramanian,

WE are indeed honoured to receive this E50 Award for our multiple award-winning CLOUD HRMS software.

We are using AI (artificial intelligence) to enable HR functions go digital on a cloud platform, thus playing an important role helping our nation to become a Smart Nation.

This award will further motivate us to help and expand beyond our 3,000 customers and 200,000 users in Singapore. Together with this prestigious E50 Award, our home-grown INFOTECH brand will be expanding to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai next year.

MVI Technologies (S)
Foo Say Juan,

WINNING the E50 Award is a humbling experience and one that comes with responsibility. You sense you are representing the top enterprises in Singapore and must continue to keep the flag flying high. And it also serves to motivate us to scale the next mountain peak.

We have acquired some high-profile customers locally and overseas. We hope to extend our foothold to more countries in Asia initially, and finally to every part of the world.

This will help us to realise our vision of becoming a global premier provider of enterprise mission critical financial and payment software product and solutions.

Internet Technology Group
Joe Goh Ching Lai,

WE at ITG International Pte Ltd hope to achieve long-term growth of the company in the current core business and hopeto add on new businesses which has a synergy with the current core business.

After we are awarded the E50 Award, we hope all our employees will have confidence in the company and grow the company together.

We also plan to have a larger footprint and expand our business into the Asia-Pacific region.

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