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Inspiration to scale greater heights

What does the E50 award mean to your company? What are your company's future plans?

Simon Ng, CEO, Leacov Singapore.

Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman, Ya Kun (S).

Richard Koh, CEO, M-DAQ.

Patrick Cheo, CEO, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group.

Loh Jwee Poh, Founder & CEO, Mr Bean International.

David Ngoh, CEO, RMA Contracts.

Rena Ho, Managing Director, SMJ Furnishings (S).

Andy Lai, CEO, OTTO Solutions.

Leacov Singapore
Simon Ng, CEO

LEACOV was founded to solve the problems of the security industry. Over the years, we have worked hard and pursued excellence by anticipating the needs of the industry, for example by pioneering digitisation and innovation in security operations and training. Through our quality service, we have also achieved market leadership in our chosen value discipline of customer intimacy, garnering strong support without which we could not have succeeded.

Winning the E50 awards alongside other bigger companies gives us the confidence that our strategy and direction have been correct, and our transformation has been worthwhile. The award rewards the hard work of the Leacov team over the years but, at the same time, it is also a reminder that there is so much more to do, challenging us to do even better than before. For Leacov, the future lies beyond Singapore shores.

Leacov is exploring opportunities to diversify and expand our training and consultancy services overseas. We hope to transition from a small company, vulnerable to market whims, into a larger corporation that can ride on rough seas without fear. At the same time, we hope to adopt a blue ocean strategy by carving out new market spaces for ourselves where no company has operated before. With vision, dedication and the newfound determination from winning the E50 awards, we have every confidence that within the next few years, Leacov will find vast new fields of endeavour and success.

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D-Team Engineering
Wu Jin, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 award in two consecutive years, we noticed it has more internal impact than external, as opposed to our initial thoughts. The staff at all levels are so proud of being in an E50 company and in return they have set higher benchmarks for their individual performances. We have also thus found that there was greater customers' satisfaction with us, not just because of our E50 awards but rather with our staff's performances.

Looking forward, we believe our FY2020 will be better than FY2019 with more upcoming projects and other opportunities arising. We are also stepping out of Singapore for our first overseas branch office in Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia. We hope and we trust that being an E50 company with the support from Enterprise Singapore, KPMG and other E50 related organisations, there is only one way - which is success.

Ya Kun (S)
Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman

IT has been an honour and blessing for Ya Kun to have won the E50 Award twice! This award has been an inspiration and impetus for us to excel even further in our service excellence and product quality. This award is attributed to all of my management staff, families and all Singaporeans for their unwavering support all these years.

This award is especially significant because this year also marks Ya Kun's 75 years of milestone journey here and abroad.

Executive Ship Management
Balaji Singh Teeka, CEO

BEING the winner of the E50 award means recognition of our efforts, innovation and direction of growth as well as an opportunity to represent ourselves as a Singaporean brand in the global maritime industry.

Executive Ship Management has always strived for and delivered top quality ship management services to our industry partners. Joining the elite group of Singapore's top business corporations is now a testimony to that promise. Keeping in mind the future of the industry, the organisation has embarked on a digital transformation mode.

It is a long journey but it has put us at the forefront of using digital technology to transform the maritime industry. Our in-house technological innovations have assisted and opened new vistas for our growth as well as supplemented our core ship management services.

Richard Koh, CEO

E50 is the most prestigious recognition for high growth companies with a track record of profitability that are poised for even greater heights. It is humbling for M-DAQ to have been included in this special 25th edition in, coincidentally, our 10th anniversary year. We hope to use this as a platform to learn more from other significantly more established E50 companies and their eventual path to a public company.

Victory Shipping
Sivakumar Munisamy, Managing Director

THE E50 award is the epitome of industry excellence recognition and Victory Shipping is honoured to be a recipient of the E50 award for its contributions both in Singapore and globally. Victory Shipping is a dry bulk operator with extensive global experience and an established international footprint.

In our headquarters in Singapore, and representations in Malaysia and the UAE, Victory operates dry bulk shipping contracts around the globe. Dedication and a customer-focused approach, combined with our expertise and modern tools, have ensured that we have been able to consistently outperform average industry growth while, at the same time, maintaining the exacting standards and customer service for which we are renowned.

The recognition as a recipient of the E50 award allows us to benchmark ourselves among the best of the best in Singapore and an honoured testament in our efforts of further global expansion.

MLION Corporation
Eric Leong, Managing Director

BEING recognised by E50 is an affirmation that our company is growing and heading in the right direction. It also serves as a recognition for the hard work and struggles the founders and every team member went through and sacrificed to reach where we are today. We continue to set our sights in the region with expansion plans in various countries in South-east Asia to fuel our growth and increase our market share.

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
Patrick Cheo, CEO

THE E50 award affirms our vision of growing a people-centric company that puts transforming lives at the heart of our business. For the past 17 years, we have risen above challenges to constantly innovate powerful learning programmes that help our customers achieve their academic, personal and financial goals. From an S$8,000 start-up to the well-known education brand we've built today, this award is a testimony to the hard work and skills put in by all our past and present team members. We are honoured to receive this recognition and are grateful to our students for their unwavering support.

We plan to carry our brand of high-impact live programmes beyond South-east Asian shores to touch more lives across Asia. We will continue broadening our online offerings so that learners worldwide can access our lessons from the comfort of their homes. Synergising our overseas expansion plan and digital transformation roadmap, we are on track to transforming a million lives by 2023.

HSF Global
Loh Guo Pei, Director

THE success of our company depends on every member of our HSF family. Winning the E50 award is an important milestone for our company and affirmation of our team's hard work and dedication. We strive to remain competitive by investing in technology and human capital, allowing us to scale our operations as we continue to seek out growth opportunities and expand globally.

Our company is implementing a new warehouse management system that allows real-time inventory status update and process automation through a barcoding system, thus increasing our productivity and eliminating human errors in our processes. We have also developed a proprietary customer relationship management system which electronically records customer feedback and complaints, enabling us to provide faster and higher quality service to our customers, and also provides data for further analysis to identify sales opportunities and to take preventive measures.

Our company believes that our people are our greatest assets. We invest heavily in our staff by sending them to external training organisations to further upgrade their skills. We have also recently engaged a HR consultancy firm to review and improve our HR system, which enables us to better recruit and retain our staff. Our company has developed a range of ready-to-eat healthy food products made with all natural ingredients under our own brand, Lau Yuen Tong. We have successfully launched our products in Taiwan, and we plan to enter into new regional markets in the near future.

Mr Bean International
Loh Jwee Poh, Founder & CEO

THIS award cements our status as Singapore's No 1 soya milk brand. Having established and built up our brand in our home market of Singapore since 1995, we hope to bring this Made-In-Singapore brand to more overseas countries through both the franchising of stores and exporting of our FMCG products. To date, we have grown our brand presence with more than 100 stores across Asia. We will continually expand our product offerings through our investment in research and development to serve healthier high quality soya drinks and meals in Singapore, such as soy burgers and rice bowls. At Mr Bean, we pride ourselves on using research and data to come up with tasty and creative products which are, at the same time, healthy and nutritional.

RMA Contracts
David Ngoh, CEO

THIS E50 award is both a great honour as well as a testimony to our vision of sustainable growth through meaningful engagement with the community, our clients and employees as well as our partners and shareholders. We will always strive to do better and we thank everybody for the opportunity to work together. Going forward, we will continue to enhance our strengths as well as our entry into regional markets. Furthermore, we will also expand our vision of sustainable growth to include best practices for an environmentally sustainable society. RMA has already embarked on efforts to achieve this goal through increased research and development initiatives.

SMJ Furnishings (S)
Rena Ho, Managing Director

THIS is our maiden participation. Winning this E50 prestigious award validates our company's achievements and our growth plans. Moving forward, we will continue our outreach into the International markets, turning SMJ into a global brand. SMJ will continue to innovate with new products and, as we expand our global footprint through our Ready-to-Ship Program, we want to remain price competitive even as we look at new ways to further reduce delivery time of our products to our customers (especially in far-reaching countries from Singapore).

JS Creates
Benjamin Tan, General Manager

WE were told to be prepared that first-time participants of E50 are usually not awarded this prestigious award as there are many facets of the company that the judges will look into and many companies will be found wanting. With this background, we did our best in presenting our truest form and, therefore, this award came as a surprise to us and we are very proud of it as a first-time participant.

This prestigious award gives us strong affirmation that our way of operation, relentless improvement and growing strength in depth of the company is geared in the right direction. With the company built on solid foundation, backed by the E50 award, we plan to focus strongly on innovation and global impact expansion in the next three years.

Justine Mackerness, Director

RECEIVING the E50 award at this point in Kaer's journey is great validation that the decision to transform from a product company to a service company was the right one. Having a diverse group of experts in corporate strategy, finance and innovation share their insights on how the "air-conditioning-as-a-service" business model can transform the real estate industry was an invaluable learning experience for all involved. At Kaer, we are expanding our air-conditioning-as-a-service portfolio throughout Asia, and are focused on delivering a consistent customer experience across all asset classes and geographies. To support this rapid expansion, we have increased our investment in software, data and machine learning, so we can grow safely and securely while continuously improving our service levels across the portfolio.

Connect Group
Nagender Rao Chilkuri, Managing Director

THIS recognition is a testament to what counts most; the unflinching determination of the team that dared to dream against all odds and achieve a unique position within a very short span of time. Eight good years to date, some thought we were down and out. Resilience and dogged will-power tested our resolve to push the boundaries of our own capabilities. Our journey was not to just change and improve but to embrace constant change in the pursuit of perfecting the art of winning. We used every failure as a stepping stone and persevered. We believe that one must not judge the businesses through the lens of the winners, otherwise we ourselves would not be standing here tonight. As for the company's future plans, we like to keep it simple; to continue the principle that we have built upon - which is to focus on delivering quality and sustaining profitability.

OTTO Solutions
Andy Lai, CEO

ACHIEVING the Enterprise 50 award has been a reflective journey for us as we look back at our team efforts. More importantly, we would like to dedicate this award to our staff, clients and business partners who have supported us since 1992. Their support has enabled us to expand our services and provide a holistic solution across Mechanical and Electrical, Lighting solutions, Automation and Smart solutions for offices, buildings and homes.

We have continuously been developing our base here in Singapore, with our belief in reducing carbon emission and building a sustainable business.

Our dedicated team is now ready to spread our wings to the region, to do our part to tackle global warming. We have a Zero Outlay OPEX Program where we undertake to change an entire building's light fittings; with simple automation, we can help to cut the building energy consumption by 30-50 per cent. We are confident of achieving the desired result which is why we are willing to finance the initial outlay for it to be recovered from the energy savings derived. Last but not least, our company culture of 'Learning, Growing and Sharing' alongside our core values of 'Trust, Integrity, Kindness and Appreciation' will continue to be the backbone as we realise our 'Vision and Mission' to develop people, enable smart and efficient buildings, and create a sustainable future.

Daiya Engineering & Construction
Andy Foo, Managing Director

THE E50 award means a lot to every one of us at Daiya. It is a recognition of our hard work and acknowledgement from our peers, partners and industry. It is very exciting and rewarding to know that the efforts put in by our staff have been very fruitful. We hope that this recognition will spur on our team to do even better. We will continue to focus on our core expertise of building petrol retail stations and construction of luxurious high-end landed houses (GCBs). We will strive to maintain our position as the market leader in these respective fields. With Asia becoming more affluent, we see opportunity for greater demand of high-end and ultra-luxurious housing around the region. We intend to explore new frontiers by seeking out local partners to develop luxury landed houses. We will also be actively exploring opportunities that will complement our current business model.

Mud Logic Asia
Phui Eng Ko, Director

MUD Logic Asia appreciates the recognition received from being an E50 finalist, and strives to improve through innovation for greater challenges ahead. Onwards to 2020, we aim to remain on the forefront to serve client interests. The company is always seeking new ways to bring better technologies to the drilling industry, while keeping our ears to the ground for market needs. Satisfying client objectives has always been our priority, and we achieve that goal by melding cutting edge technologies with our years of experience. Mud Logic is grateful to be recognised for our work through the E50 award, and will remain passionate about bringing our expertise and dedication to the sector.

Octopus Distribution Networks
Teh Chooi Peng, Executive Chairman

WE are extremely honoured to be given this award. The E50 award is a strong acknowledgement of our value proposition and contributions to the marketplace. This award gives our company a strong vote of confidence to carry on our good work and to be the market player, well loved by our customers, suppliers, bankers, investors and our community.

We also hope our award will serve as a form of encouragement for our fellow 219,000 SMEs in Singapore that hard work, along with teamwork and determination, will pay off. Believe and never stop trying, as the future where our success lies is not known until tomorrow comes. Today, we are a leading player in Singapore and Malaysia, underpinned by our strong sales and brand activation capabilities, a modern supply chain infrastructure across extensive sales channels, and deep relationships with brand owners and customers. We are embarking on an exciting journey. Our clear defined growth strategy, involving value chain integration and possible public market listing, will supercharge our drive ahead in a continuing path to deliver high value-add services and products to the marketplace.

  • Compiled by Koh Jia Rong