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A great year to visit Estonia

Town hall square in Tallinn Old Town. Come April, visitors can attend Tallinn Music Week and Jazzkaar. In July, there is the Europa Cantat XX while in late November, the 22nd annual Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival takes place.

ESTONIA has a wide range of sights and attractions that are defined by its history as well as its location. Estonia is at the heart of the Baltic Sea region with a long Baltic Sea coast line to the north and the west. It has land border - to the south is Latvia and to the east is Russia. Being just across the Baltic Sea from Sweden and Finland makes travelling to Estonia quick and convenient, with frequent connections to Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern and Central Europe.

The historic capital Tallinn, with its Unesco heritage medieval town centre, has a number of direct flights from major European cities' transit hubs such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Paris and Vienna. Ferry routes also connect Tallinn with Helsinki, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg.

This year is a particularly meaningful one to visit the country as it celebrates its 100th anniversary, marking all the major milestones in the establishment of the state. Thus, this special occasion for all Estonians will see grand and joyous festivities held throughout the country and around the world.

The "Estonia 100" celebrations are not only for Estonians but for all visitors as well, and include activities such as special cultural and sporting events, music and film festivals and the unique "Estonia 100: A Party in Every Village", where throughout the year, communities across the country will take turns hosting birthday celebrations. Highlights include several theatre productions, and sporting events like Simple Session, a globally renowned BMX and skateboarding competition, and the Winter Swimming World Championships.

The arrival of spring in April brings much merriment with the capital buzzing to the rhythms of Tallinn Music Week (April 2-8), an innovative city festival with more than just bands, and Jazzkaar (April 20-29), a world-class jazz festival.

Meanwhile in the summer, Europa Cantat XX (July 27-Aug 5), Europe's largest choral music festival, comes to Tallinn, while in late November, the 22nd annual Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival takes place.

Feb 24 marks the Independence Day of Estonia and celebrations are also held here in Singapore. In March, the renowned Estonian National Male Choir performs at the Esplanade.