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Hyundai previews its biggest and smallest SUVs right here in Singapore

The Korean brand previewed both its largest and smallest SUVs in Singapore ahead of its global distributors' conference.

Komoco Motors, previewed on Tuesday two significant additions to its sport utility vehicle line-up at the JW Marriott South Beach, in the form of the Venue (first on left) and Palisade (third from left), which are its smallest and biggest SUVs respectively.


ON TUESDAY, June 18, Hyundai and its Singaporean distributor, Komoco Motors, previewed two significant additions to its sport utility vehicle (SUV) line-up here in the form of both the largest and smallest SUVs that it currently makes.

Komoco Motors says it has plans to sell the cars, the Palisade and Venue, in Singapore in the long-term.

The Palisade is one of the biggest cars that Hyundai produces. At 4.98-metres long, it's 20-centimetres longer than the brand's existing seven-seat SUV, the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The car, which has just begun sales in Korea and the United States, is the brand's flagship SUV.

Accordingly, it claims to raise the bar for Hyundai with plenty of interior equipment, good build quality, and generous road presence. It's designed to seat up to eight adults comfortably, or seven adults with even more space thanks to a dual-throne second row of seats.

Currently, the global engine options are a 200 horsepower, 2.2-litre turbodiesel, or 3.5-litre and 3.8-litre V6 petrol engines with 277 horsepower and 295 horsepower, respectively.

The Venue is the opposite end of the scale, being nearly a full metre shorter, it's a compact SUV aimed at young adults or small families. It adopts the same design language seen in Hyundai's newest SUVs, including the split headlight design and large grille, paired with brighter colour choices.

More interesting is the fact that it has a newly developed 1.6-litre gasoline engine, named "Smartstream Gamma" focused on efficiency, and is mated to Hyundai's first self-developed continuously variable transmission.

The cars were previewed just before Hyundai's Global Distributor Conference in Singapore. Held at the JW Marriott South Beach.

The conference involves almost 300 representatives from more than 100 markets across the world.

"Today is a significant milestone in the partnership between Komoco Motors and Hyundai Motor Company, as Singapore has a long standing history of 33 years of distributorship for Hyundai vehicles," said Teo Hock Seng, the group executive chairman for Komoco Holdings, at the preview event.

"Held bi-annually, the Global Distributor Convention is now in its 10th year since 2001, with Singapore being chosen for the first time to host this prestigious event from June 19 to 21."