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Streamlining IT processes

Mr Liaw: "Winning the award only serves as an encouragement to us to work harder and aim higher ."

FOR an IT company there is no other title that is more coveted than to be branded a "Fast-Moving Company", says Times Software Pte Ltd, which is among the winners of this year's SME100 awards, which showcases fast-moving companies.

"We are elated to win this award," says Mr Charles Liaw, managing director of the company. "To be given this award by the industry is recognition of our hard work and dedication to our customers. Despite the influx of competitors of all sizes into the market in recent years, winning this award shows that we are not just able to maintain our foothold in the industry but also excel in it. It also gives us renewed confidence and encouragement in our planned overseas expansion."

Mr Liaw says getting the SME100 award is going to boost the company's morale as it came less than a year after it had won the prestigious Singapore Productivity Award. "The regional exposure and the publicity that we receive from winning the SME100 Awards will definitely help us gain more inquiries and interest in our products and services. Winning the award only serves as an encouragement to us to work harder and aim higher to live up to the expectations this award has given us," he says.

Mr Liaw believes there are many factors that helped Times Software get this award. Among them are the high emphasis on giving customers the best experience in both its products and services; a highly professional and dedicated pool of employees that worked hard to produce results to meet the goals and vision of the company; and loyal customers who are always generous with their constructive feedback, which allows the company to grow.

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Times Software is a homegrown software development company specialising in solutions for human resources. It offers a wide range of integrated products such as its award-winning Times Payroll and its full suite of web-based solutions such as E-Leave, E-Claims, E-Attendance and E-Appraisal, that can be used to streamline payroll and HR processes and provide a more cost-effective total solution. All the solutions are developed in-house by its dedicated team of software developers.

"With the advent of Cloud technology, we have also begun to offer Software-as-a-Service to our clients. All of these are designed and scalable to provide true employee self-service capabilities and insightful reporting. We currently have a foothold in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Maldives and more recently, Laos. Apart from software solutions, we also offer payroll outsourcing services and software maintenance," says Mr Liaw.

Founded in 1998 in the midst of the Asian financial crisis, Times Software Pte Ltd believes that the most important factor for a company's survival is to provide excellent services to its customers as well as to satisfy their needs over time, he adds. "By adopting our beliefs into action, not only were we able to survive the economic crisis, but we were also able to come out on top and make a dent in the highly competitive software industry," says Mr Liaw.

After many years in the Singapore market and having establishing a strong presence here, the company's next logical step forward is to expand overseas. Although it says that there is still room to grow in the local market, it decided to go overseas as it believes this will take the company to greater heights.In the long term, it is planning to gain a foothold across the Asia-Pacific region such as in Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos by appointing local software distributors as partners.