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PODCAST: Actionable financial tips for young parents with children (Money Hacks, Ep 48)


Money Hacks Ep 48: Actionable financial tips for young parents with children

12:12 min

Synopsis: In this podcast series every Monday, The Business Times and The Straits Times break down actionable financial tips.

This episode is aimed at how parents can get children to appreciate the value of money in an affluent society. Money Hacks' co-hosts Chris Lim (above left) and Ernest Luis talk actionable financial tips for young parents and children up to the age of 16. 

How old can they be before you show them the value of money and sacrifice, and teach them the concept of cash flow (allowances versus expenses)?

1. Parents can use tokens to exchange if they are too young to have hard currency allowances (1:30)

2. Are there tools to help parents educate children better? (2:35)

POSB Smart Buddy is an introduction to digital payments. Children wear a watch that lets them tap to pay at certain stores such as those in school and at selected merchants. Parents download the app so they can allocate allowances and check on the child's spending in real time. The OCBC Mighty Savers programme is for children below 16 with interest of up to 0.8 per cent a year.

3. What is the concept of delayed gratification for children? (3:59)

4. How to be financial role models for your children. (7:30)

5. How to inculcate habitual saving, start an allowance early even if it is tokenised, explain delayed gratification, transit to real money as early as possible, and involve children when doing abstract investments like gold. (10:25)

Produced by: Ernest Luis and Christopher Lim

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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