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PODCAST: Make compound interest your best financial friend if you're in your 30s (Money Hacks, Ep 38)

Money Hacks hosts Ernest Luis (back row, left) and Chris Lim host the co-founders of Aggregate Asset Management (from row from left) - Wong Seak Eng, Eric Kong and Kevin Tok - as they talk about how you can fund your retirement systematically with value investing in equities or stocks

10:23 mins

Synopsis: Every Monday, The Straits Times and The Business Times break down financial tips so you can take action after listening to our podcast episodes.

Aggregate Asset Management is a fund management house that focuses exclusively on equities. The company was first launched in Singapore in December 2012, and was the first local fund house to adopt a zero-management-fee model, charging only a performance fee.

We chat with co-founders and executive directors Wong Seak Eng, Kevin Tok and Eric Kong about how you can retire earlier with a bigger retirement income by the age of 60 if you plan as early as your 20s.

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For example, if your portfolio returns in equities are 10% a year, the Rule of 72 calculator - which means how many years it takes you to double your money - shows that 72 divided by 10, equals doubling your portfolio's value in seven years.

So if you invest $1 at the age of 30, it can become $2 when you're 37, $4 by 44, and $16 by the age of 58.

On paper, they explain that you have many seven-year cycles to go even if you're in your 30s, to maximise the power of compound interest.

Are you also aware of transaction costs, brokerage or custodian fees? Do know they can also eat into your stock investment profits.

Produced by: Ernest Luis and Christopher Lim

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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