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BT Weekend explores the future


THERE are more than 1,100 centenarians in Singapore, and the number is rising every year. Find out how you can be one of them in The Business Times' Weekend magazine tomorrow.

If you're planning to live that long, be prepared to witness a world of change. For example, there will be more changes in the car industry in the next 10 years than there have been in the last 100 years. Read more about the fascinating automotive business in Weekend Drive's interview with Horst Herdtle, the managing director of authorised BMW dealer Performance Motors.

And step aside, Manuka. Other exotic versions of honey have emerged in the market, spurred by the growing interest in its health-boosting properties. Find out more in Weekend Food.

For more of a glimpse into the future of transportation, the main paper's Brunch feature gives you the latest on flying taxis and driverless cars this week.

Market voices on:

If you're craving a taste of the future in the present, Disrupted checks out a one-of-a-kind floorbot - a robotic vacuum cleaner that talks and empties its own trash.

Elsewhere in the paper, Music to My Ears checks out the high end of sound, with a look at the MBL N-51 integrated amplifier.

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