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Disruptors of the watch scene in BT Weekend magazine


CAN'T decide what watch to wear today? Rolex? AP? Panerai? This isn't the morning dilemma of a super-rich collector.

It's the choice of a growing legion of watch-renters who are turning to companies such as Acquired Time, which offers luxury timepieces for as little as S$3 a day.

In this Friday's issue of BT Weekend magazine, find out how this and other new players are shaking up the local watch industry.

In our design pages, a couple work out their aesthetic differences in a home that shows how to achieve harmony out of opposing tastes.

And if you're in the mood for some casual French cooking, chef Patrick Heuberger obliges at his new restaurant Atout in Dempsey.

Still undecided as to where your next holiday destination will be? Fret not - go for island-hopping in Okinawa as your next pursuti of wanderlust.

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