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In Singapore, guys and their Pateks

#PatekAcademy, a new Instagram affinity group comprising 11 millennial-aged watch collectors converged in S'pore to enjoy the company of like-minded contemporaries with similar lifestyles.

A collection of watches for social media photos. #PatekAcademy co-founder Shoyo Kawamura said: "Collecting is a huge part of my life", estimating the value of his watches at more than S$1 million.

During the four-hour trip on a blisteringly hot day, the men smoked Cohiba cigars and downed drinks as they searched for shade to take photos of their Pateks - many on wrists, others carefully arranged on a blue tarp laid on an upper deck. They talked timepieces, quizzed one another on Patek esoterica and traded tips on how to find rare watches.

Andy Zhang (left) 28, and Shoyo Kawamura, 23, comparing their Pateks during a cruise around Singapore.

OVER ONE WEEKEND in late August, a group of 11 millennial-aged watch collectors from Hong Kong; Sydney; Shanghai; Taiwan and Yangon, Myanmar, converged in Singapore.

The attraction? A celebration of #PatekAcademy, a new Instagram affinity group that had 2,655 followers a little more than...

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