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Making CNY fun for seniors

(From far left) SP Heart Workers Salman bin Kamiso, Goh Chee Kiong, Joey Chang (dressed as God of Fortune) and Lydia Koh (right) wishing Tampines West resident Khoo Sai Kim, 72, a happy Chinese New Year. For the seventh year, SP Group's young engineers distributed festive care packs to underprivileged families.


SP Group's annual Power Packs distribution on Thursday had an added element of fun, thanks to young volunteers like gas engineer Lydia Koh.

Besides delivering care packs of food items to families, Ms Koh, 24, and her colleagues have come up with games to up the festive flavour while helping them stay safe especially during the Chinese New Year.

In every volunteer activity, Ms Koh injects a new fun feature to engage the community. This year, she designed an app, where residents can spin a digital "wheel" for "prizes", which include being entertained with songs by the volunteers or receiving chocolate "gold" coins and mandarin oranges. They will also remind residents to stay safe while using appliances like the gas stove.

For the seventh year, SP staff volunteers, or Heart Workers, have donated food items for the Power Packs, besides packing and delivering the bags.

Among the recipients this year are 200 residents of Tampines West. Over the years, SP Heart Workers have been regularly volunteering with the community there, through recreational activities and grocery-shopping trips for seniors.

In the coming months, SP Heart Workers will be back at Tampines to encourage residents to adopt energy-efficient and green lifestyle practices.

Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Grassroots Adviser to Tampines GRC, said: "I am heartened to see SP Group's employees joining hands with our grassroots volunteers to help underprivileged families. They contribute their time to spread festive cheer, as well as engage residents through regular activities throughout the year. It is also encouraging that young volunteers are taking the lead, delivering new ideas and energy to our community."