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No sweat ahead for lovers of Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken

Stall owner and Hersing join forces to set up 80-seater air-conditioned restaurant to take the dish to the next level

Mr Chua and chef Chan at the press conference on Friday. Hersing met chef Chan’s three criteria for a partnership – a cooperation fee of at least S$2 million, resources to expand the brand and ability to replicate the taste of the famed soya sauce chicken.

Since chef Chan’s stall received its one Michelin star, customers have had to wait two hours or more for their food.


IT will no longer be a sweaty affair for customers tucking in at the famed Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles.

The hawker stall, also the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, is opening its first quick service restaurant at 78 Smith Street in mid-...