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Red hot Chile pleasures, exotica in BT Weekend

It's a feature- packed Weekend this week as BT explores Chile as well as Victoria in Australia where a new restaurant is making waves with a farmhouse setting.

RED hot Chile pleasures are on the menu in the Weekend magazine as we visit the South American country that's thin in size but bursting with a rich heritage, culture and stunning landscapes.

And if you're hungry while in Victoria, Australia, check out the restaurant Brae. Currently the country's hottest restaurant, it offers fine cuisine in a luxury farmhouse setting.

We also bring you the highlights of the Milan Furniture Fair and test drive the new Infiniti Q60 coupe.

Over in retail, the worlds of the digital and the physical are colliding. Find out what brick-and-mortar stores are doing as e-commerce looms large on the shopping landscape in this week's Brunch feature.

Market voices on:

In Sass and the City, we look at why WannaCry's accidental hero bears lessons for Singapore's education system, while Music to My Ears introduces you to the pleasures of Mike Oldfield's latest offering.

Further afield, Disrupted tours the Microsoft Campus in Hyderabad, and discovers how it is a haven for technologists looking to create disruptive technologies.

If you have had your fill of disruption, take some comfort in this week's Cubicle Files. Sure, coding, analytics and robotics may be some of the hottest skills right now, but not everyone needs to code and that's okay. We find out how workers can go back to the basics to add value to their work.

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