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The price of haute dining in BT Weekend


SINGAPORE is the second most expensive city in Asia for fine dining after Hong Kong, according to the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index 2017. What does that mean for Singaporean gourmets? Restaurateurs, chefs and foodies weigh in on the subject.

Elsewhere in the magazine, smartphones may be connecting you to the rest of the world, but it's also sucking you into a darker, sinister reality. So get off the phone while you still can. At least long enough to check out the upcoming sneaker convention Sole Superior, and snap up some limited edition kicks.

In Brunch in the main paper, we take a peek into the off-grid world of ethical hacking - who's hiring these white hat hackers, what it takes to do the job, and what it pays.

Disrupted sniffs out a new startup in town called Waft, which lets you customise your own perfume online, and delivers it to you in under a week.

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Meanwhile, Offbeat tells a tale of a break-up, and why it might be better to go with the new kid on the (telco) block. The million-dollar Mercedes-AMG GT R is the fastest road car to wear a three-pointed star. Our BT Motoring columnist gets in the fast lane. Also in the section, reviews of the Audi SQ5 and BMW's plug-in hybrid 330e.

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