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When did 'ambition' become a dirty word?

The call for women's rights is getting louder. And fashion designer Tory Burch is adding her voice to it.

Fashion designer Tory Burch (left) is promoting an ad campaign that takes on a thorny issue which dominated the recent US presidential campaign. The campaign – Embrace Ambition – features Julianne Moore (right), Melinda Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Wintour and other famous people (both male and female) talking about reclaiming a word that has often been used to vilify women.

THERE is nothing particularly fiery about Tory Burch. Shortly after the 2004 debut of the fashion company that bears her name, she was profiled in The New York Times, with the reporter noting that if reserve could be bottled, Burch would probably "have a blockbuster fragrance".

So it may...

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