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Young turks and mod tastes in BT Weekend


THEY'RE young, talented, and breaking the conventions of Chinese cooking in a traditional setting. Meet a new generation of chefs who are changing the way Hong Kong eats in this week's issue of BTWeekend.

And hold on to your stash of mooncake boxes that are too pretty to throw. We asked some designers for some creative ways to put them to good use. Also, find out how Peter Teo, co-founder of PS Cafe, created the first hipster hang-out even before the concept was invented, in our Weekend Interview.

We may have clear skies now, but various groups in Indonesia are constantly fighting the scourge that is the haze. Our Brunch feature in the main paper explores the issues. Don't miss our video on what's being done on the ground.

Media mogul Arianna Huffington has a no-email policy for her workers when they are on vacation. While that's nice in theory, it can be problematic for workers, as Cubicle Files finds out. In Sass and the City, the battle with broccoli turns up the heat in defining gender diversity. Meanwhile, Gearhead reviews the new Google Wifi, and finds it ticks several boxes nicely.

The Grand Prix is in town. Looking to indulge your own F1 fantasies? Check out the Ferrari 812 Superfast in The Steering Column.

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